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Great Windows XP That I’m Using

It’s a super cool theme, but you might wanna make the Active Title Bar smaller.


Microsoft Ubuntu Windows XP

So I’ve missed Ubuntu. But I can’t install it because the screen resolution sucks. That’s why I’m downloading several customization packs.

i has new gtk theme =D

And it’s called Hemoglobinus, a pretty black, white and pink theme which almost looks good with this Team Dark wallpaper I found *shot*.


Theme: Hemoglobinus

Icons: black-white 2 Neon

I’ll post a screenshot soon!!

Wii-Black Argas

Look at these two themes:

They look almost familiar don’t they. Well, I decided to do a lil experiment:



I tell you, this theme is AWESOME….

List of themes I like:


-Elegant Mine



-Karmic’s Human theme

-Night Impression


See What I Mean?


Espresso is just so awesome. Just look at that amazing desktop I have. I swear Karmic’s default theme hypnotized me with it’s awesomeness, but Espresso is STILL [and forever] my favorite GTK theme of all the theme’s I’ve downloaded.


Protected: Pick A Desktop: Round 2

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Simple Grey

I’ve laid off the coffee themes for a while, and decided to try this new theme from Izobalax: Simple Grey. I just love those glassy progress bars, menus.. This theme is just awesome. I currently like 3 themes right now, and they’re Espresso, Lithium, and Simple Grey. Forgetting about how I couldn’t decide what theme to use (I should really stick to one and hide that Appearance selection on System..), I almost finally settled on Espresso.

In the screenshot, I am using the GTK theme, together with Kupo Finale Dark metacity. It probably wouldn’t be long before I switch back to Espresso [and find myself a decent wallpaper and icon theme].

😉 ~Takashika