Welcome to Project:Takashika

A project made by Takashika247, Project Takashika is a huge art series, probably made into a comic in the future, about Takashika the Cat and her family, friends and school life. Of course, the stories pop up randomly on my daydreams.. which now count as “thinking for a plot for the next comic”. But anyways, it’s still in beta and there are characters to make. I’ll only do comics on my spare time [and I may surprise you with more comics at once.. if I feel like it]. Project: Takashika is a comic that will possibly have an ending, but we’re not sure about that yet. There’s also the random comics that aren’t part of the series or plot, but that’s just when I’m bored and uninspired 🙂

Let’s move on now, shall we?


Takashika za Kyatto – The main character, Takashika za Kyatto Foxcat is the daughter of the island’s mayor. She loves adventure, hanging out with friends, and taking cat naps.

Chachi Mawleen Foxcat – Chachi Foxcat (more known as Mawleen, Mrs. Foxcat or Takashika’s mom), is Tak’s, Rose, and Pompow’s mother. Her great grandmother is known to be the island’s most famous actress. Mawleen loves to cook and is a chef at jessiICaT’s Place.

Rory Jack Foxcat – Rory the Bat is Takashika, Pompow, and Rose’s dad. He is a fox and works as the town’s mayor. Previously, he was a lawyer. Rory Jack lives at the Foxcat Palace of Govern, and goes home every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Rose the Cat – Rose the Cat is Takashika and Pompow’s sister. Tak’s younger sister and Pompow’s older sister. Being the middle sibling, Rose is almost the perfect, well  rounded cat. But she can be a drama queen sometimes. Get in her way and you’ll get what you deserve.. ouch.

Pompow the Fox – Pompow is Tak and Rose’s youngest sibling. He loves to run around, chasing his tail and hugging it, and is known to have slight psychokinesis. Weak psychokinesis and can only lift crayons, pencils and paper.

Chikie the Fox – Chikie is Tak’s best friend. She is a pink fox with a short tail. She can be girly, but she’s very good at athletics and can dodge stuff pretty easily.

Neonica the Hedgehog – Neonica is a green hedgehog, whose quills are ponytailed to her back and wears a bandana. A boyish type, she loves sports and climbing stuff.

Giwi the Bat – Giwi is a blue bat, who is great friends with Tak. He likes to do homework at times, when Tak isn’t doing a big rant about how homework is boring.

Planned Characters:

1. Shishi/Stella

2. Sushi/Rob

Character Design Concepts For Planned Characters:

Stella: Pink fox

Rob: Red fox

3. Metalla the Fox


1. Scaffulton Destroyers

Beta Pictures:


Started coloring process.

Beta picture with uncolored wings and gloves

Beta picture with uncolored wings and gloves


Finished coloring. I don’t know if there will be a bg yet, but since it’s not the final design… Need serious advice on those gloves.. they’re so bland D:

Beta colored Tak

Beta colored Tak


Added a pic of Tak roughly drawn. MY SCANNER’S BROKEN D:

Takashika roughly drawn in KolourPaint

Takashika roughly drawn in KolourPaint

Update: All pictures above are updated, but I want to keep them, so ignore them.

You can view the old Project’s pictures on my OLD deviantART, and the new ones here.