Here’s the story of how I got into playing Sonic Robo Blast 2.

Before Sonic, I was playing Super Mario. My favorite was Mario Forever, but I got sick of it (I just keep quitting on castle levels). So I Googled some Super Mario games and ran into a site called Caiman. There, I found the link with “Mario” in it, so i clicked it. Weee!! I found a game called Super Mario Epic 2. It was a great game, and I wanted more. So I tried all the best games I could find.

Few weeks (possibly years, I don’t remember!) later, I ran into a game “Ultimate Flash Sonic”. I saw the name Sonic the Hedgehog. So I played and liked it. Afterwards, I went into Caiman again to get some Mario games and I saw SONIC. So I clicked on it. I then saw that it was a “platform game”, pretty much like all the Super Mario games I’ve played, so I downloaded some.

THEN. I saw Sonic Robo Blast 2. It looked very interesting from the screenshots, and it wasn’t 2D. I downloaded it and I LOVED it! But then, Windows was giving me a “genuine” thing that made me not use Windows with a Taskbar+Start Menu+icons+everything but the sign that had a link to a site. A SITE!! So (duh) I clicked on it, hoping to find something helpful. IE6!! Yes!! I played on the ‘net for about a few months then thought “hmm.. maybe if I put something like C:\ here, it will open” So I did. Poof! I can go to my Limewire shared folder, but forgot about SRB2.

A few years later, the computer got reprogramed and I COMPLETELY forgot about SRB2. I was trying to keep my computer as good as new, then the download bug bit me. I downloaded games again and my computer got slower. Then I downloaded games like Sonic Adventure DX. I played the game before Super Mario Epic 2, but I never really minded Sonic or anything like that, and almost forgot about SADX, too. Then I went to Caiman again and found SRB2 again. I downloaded it and when I played it, I felt happy because during that time when SADX went to my head, Sonic was the keyword and I tried really hard to find “that game where there are round enemies and grass and there was this creepy enemy (Crawla Commander) that I couldnt beat”. I downloaded it through the official site through Caiman (they have an author’s site link as far as I know) and it was 1.09.4, the latest version. Of course, back then, I couldn’t GOD or console stuff (GOD is the only thing I knew). But now, I can.

I downloaded characters and levels and mods from the site and played Mystic Realm. Now, I go to the SRB2 forums and other forums like the Wadbase, Sigsev Cafe and other SRB2 forums. I’m really amazed that SRB2 is customizable: wads, levels, etc.. I’m also amazed at how Sonic is really slow 😆 . KIDDING! Well, I’m really glad that SRB2 is the best fangame; original sprites and all.