Here’s the story on how I got into playing Pet Society.

My friend Luigi plays Pet Society and just cant shut up with the levels hes going through. So I registered on Facebook and played. Well, at first it wasn’t pretty interesting. So I stopped for a few days to play a different game. But Luigi just wont shut up:

LEVEL 27!!!!!!!!!!

<_< ok now I’m annoyed.

So I rejoined (my friend used the other account I used when I first played Pet Society for stuff <_<) and I named my pet Caramel. I tried to keep myself calm and before you know it, I’m playing with Caramel wearing a fur jacket (1,000 coins and I sold it; what was I thinking!?) and brown shoes. Caramel 😛 . I worked hard earning up some coins and selling stuff on the Mystery Box (some of them I liked; I’m trying to get a bed). I also “worked” by going to the Cafe and make others’ pets happy by cleaning them and feeding them and playing with them, although I only like the cleaning part.

I’m not very well in races, I always be either 2nd or 3rd place (never first), so I earn coins by feeding and playing with my other account’s pet.

I’m currently in level 12, and I’m working really hard to earn myself a bed xD. So anyways, this and SRB2 are the coolest games I ever played.

Takashika Edit: I quit PetSoc so this page is for historical uses only kthxbai.