Taken from Concept: “Mobius”. Drop by their site!!

Name: Takashika za Kyatto

Nicknames: Tak

Age: 13

Species: Cat

Gender: Female

Height: Almost 3 feet.. Well, 2 feet and 98 inches

Weight: 22 kilograms…

DOB: January 26

Birth Place: Scaffulton Island

Residence: Scaffulton Island (Now known as Foxcat Island)

Top Speed: 172 MPH

Special Attacks:

  • Spindash: Takashika can curl into a ball and spin at a rapid speed. Can destroy enemies and barriers
  • Spin jump: Jumping to destroy enemies or anything above her
  • Jump: Normal jump.
  • Tail homing: Tak swipes her long tail to enemies to trip them

Abilities & Aptitude:

  • Psychokinesis: Speaks for itself. Tak can levitate and stop things and can also float, fly or glide.
  • Cling: Tak can curl her tail into a horizontal pole to hang like a bat
  • Ice Thunderbolt: Tak has ice powers that can be shot in a form of  a flame. It is most useful in battles with strong robots as it can melt into water.
  • Being a cat, Tak can smell things from far places. Tak can also hear slight sounds. Unlike most cats, Tak doesn’t have good grip on her paws and therefore has specialized gloves made for her.


  • Can be easily distracted
  • Does not like high pitched sounds
  • Can’t swim well, so she needs the help of her powers to boost her faster so she won’t drown.

Personal facts
Friends: Giwi the Bat, Chikie the Fox, and Neon the Hedgehog
Rivals: Katakisha za Batto
Enemies: James von Scaffulton
Known relatives:
Mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, aunt
Likes/Favorite activities: Swimming, levitating objects, meowing and purring
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Another day at school, levitating objects too much, having a battle with Scaffulton’s robots
Gourmet of choice: Ice cream and pizza… Pepperoni pizza *drools*
Beverages of choice: Coke, orange juice and water
Favorite color(s): Blue, purple and black


Takashika stands up for what she believes in… sometimes. Her father, being the island’s mayor, is busy and so is she. Tak may be a hero, but she doesn’t like battling Scaffulton or his robots. She can be a lazy ball sometimes and going on her missions is just like school work. Tak, being the mayor’s daughter, doesn’t get any schoolwork because she too is busy. She can choose if  she attends school or not, but most of the time she doesnt.

Physical Appearance
Color: Lavander
Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): Light peach
Eye Color: Pink
Hair/Quill Style: Purple with three tips at each side and at the back, two bangs one at the left and one at the right, and three small tufts of hair at the top.
Nose: Small, black nose
Ears: Medium ears with 3 small furs at the tips on each ear.
Tail: Long cat tail with dark purple highlight that starts at the middle and ends at the tips. It goes from a small to big shape.


Grey jacket with blue highlights at the end

Grey belt with similar color schemes

Blue socks and grey shoes with blue soles

Light purple gloves that’s tied firmly to her hands. Gloves have rubber at the palms for girp.

Items & Weapons:

Ring Blaster 1000 – Shoots rings at a normal speed. Poor aiming.

Ring Blaster 2000 – Shoots rings at a normal speed. Improved aiming, but can only shoot normal and Automatic rings

Ring Blaster 3000 – Shoots rings at an improved speed. Better aiming and can shoot all types of rings.


Psychotic Icicle – A black and purple Extreme Gear with great speed but poor handling. It’s called Icicle because it’s got a light blue bolt pattern on the top.