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Since I can’t install Ubuntu due to a super-annoying screen resolution and the fact that I can’t get internet (I’m using a D-Link thing…), I’ve decided to stay to windows, but made sure that I still got myself Ubuntufied. How? I used this:

In my opinion, it really is the ULTIMATE. I didn’t install all of them, just a few to give me that Ubuntu feel. I can use Yahoo! Messenger, but for the sake of it, I’m back to the awesome Pidgin.  Here’s a screenshot of what my deskie looks like:


Microsoft Ubuntu Windows XP

So I’ve missed Ubuntu. But I can’t install it because the screen resolution sucks. That’s why I’m downloading several customization packs.

Installing Ubuntu. AGAIN.


I don’t live in the Philippines anymore. I live in another country. Which means new stuff: computers, beds, clothes (I live in a cold place now)… So now, I’m installing Ubuntu to this computer. Last I heard, it’ll be my computer. So my stuff, my rules. That’s how I roll.

Currently, it’s doing the long part of installing. Okay, actually downloading. I don’t like Windows because the websites are HUGE. Ehh.. cya.

Google Chrome for Linux Beta!!

Yup, Google has released a Chrome beta for us Linux users (unless you’re on Windows *shot*).

So I had a little bit of a problem installing it in Kubuntu and I had to install GDEBI. Well, I got it working and now Google Chrome is my default browser once again. So, yeah, G-Chrome For Teh Win.

Kubuntu: 2nd Shot

I gave Kubuntu another try. It’s got good graphics and stuff like that. Also, I’m typing from Windows so my screen resolution is all screwey. What I really like about Kubuntu is that it looks so awesome. Like next-gen. But how can I stay with it when it lags a bit and the panels are a bit too cluttered.

I’m on the Wubi installation and it’ll take a long time before I get my hands on that Kubuntu desktop. 11 hours. Wow…

Going Incognito Chrome

I’ve been using Google Chrome since I was on Windows, and I don’t like saving my history. Here’s what I did to make Incognito Mode the default (as tested on Ubuntu 9.10) :


1. Right click your [Applications Places System] and click [Edit Menus]

2. Find [Internet] and click it.

3. Click the [New Item] button and type:

Type [Application]

Name [anything you like, I put Incognito Chrome]

Command [google-chrome –incognito] Warning! Command is CASE SENSITIVE so you can’t put GoOgLe-CHRoME –INCOGnitO

Comment [anything you like]

You can remove the Google Chrome icon by unchecking the box next to it, but this does not uninstall it. It just removes it from your list, that’s all.

Murrina Smoothie and Latte by SpecKtacle

I told you many times how much I love the Espresso and Macchiato theme. I found an Emerald theme called “Coffee and Cream” by SpecKtacle, and I immediately fell in love with it. Before I downloaded Macchiato the first time, I was staring at that screenshot, admiring the colors. Too bad I can’t use Emerald, I thought to myself, and left the site.

I looked at Murrina Smoothie and Latte many times but didn’t bother downloading it because I payed attention to the colors instead of reading it. I didn’t like how it had different colors, similar to Shiki-Colors. I gave it a try, thinking that nobody would notice if I didn’t include a picture with the colored controls.

Just then, I tried Murrina Latte and realized that it was like Coffee and Cream… Also I realized how stupid I was from not reading the title *facepalm*