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there’s somethin bout srb2…

I’ve really played the game in a long time, and, like club penguin, I needed a break. I wouldn’t be playing for quite a long time, but I’ll be browsing the forums. Seriously, when you’ve finished the game (even over and over again), there’s really nothing to do anymore. Sure, you can download levels and characters, but that’s not it. I need to stop playing for a while. Nothing new, nothing fun. So I’ll probably get SRB2 when 2.0.5 comes out. It probably did, since I don’t even browse the forums that much.


Did I Mention That I Lost My SRB2 Install?

And WINE, too. I’m gonna hafta reinstall it if I want to play something when the Internet’s cut off or when I just wanna try the OLDC levels.

Gimme Gimme Rouge

I scrapped the Evacuate the Dance Floor song for Rockin’ With Rouge part 2 and made a new video with Gimme More instead. Most clips are from the ETDF plan, but I recorded new ones with a Shadow bot (Yeah, 1.09.4…) I’ve added tons of effects.. well maybe not tons because it may lag your computer, and Windows Movie Maker won’t coop with me. In this video, I’ll need more clips because of the chorus (clips change when it’s gimme, gimme, more), and at some parts there are lots of transitions, fading in and out, and THZ paparazzi. I’m finding more new camera tricks for the video. I’m on Ubuntu right now, so I can’t record something that just popped in my head. Let me save it here:

cam_speed 0

Okay, I’m done.

Fraps Recording

I started using FRAPS this week and I tell you, it is AWESOME! I’m currently making a Rockin With Rouge in SRB2 ‘part 2’ with Evacuate The Dance Floor as the song (Sarry if you don’t like the song, I already started 😛 ). Fraps seems to record in high quality, and since I don’t make CPMVs anymore, I’ve decided to use Fraps instead of Hypercam. So, yeah, HD FTW.. But anyways, I did a Fraps test and ever since I used it there has been a white bar at the bottom of SRB2. I fixed it though.. On the new Rouge video, I mostly used SRB2 Riders for it. It was supposed to show you Chrispy’s new version of Rouge (for 2.0), but I thought that since I won’t be making a part 3, I should probably do all Rouges found in SRB2. I’m not on Windows at the moment, so I’ll continue it on Friday [probably]…

SRB2 Wadding

I’ve always thought about it. I like it, but I can’t do it. Doom Builder seems like a tough program. I’m not sure how to use it, I don’t know what a lindef is or what a sector does. I’ve always wanted to make a Takashika the Bat character wad. She’s gonna have the flight ability. And maybe I’ll make an Anti-Tak, a robot version of Tak, only meaner. She can have TAILSFLYTICS = 99999 since she’s the overpowered overlord thingy whatever and she’s gonna be part of the P:T storyline. I’m not there yet, though. I would have a LOT to go through. Anyways Takashika should have a bit of that TAILSFLYTICS because, well, she’s a bat. And I’ve never seen Rouge get tired of flying (Sonic X i guess.. I dunno).

If I ever wadded Takashika, here’s a sample of an S_SKIN1:

face = TAKLIFE
facename = TAKFACE
ability = 1
ability2 = 0
normalspeed = 36
thrustfactor = 5
accelstart = 128
acceleration = 50
startcolor = 3
prefcolor = 3
jumpheight = 100
highres = 0
runspeed = 30
superspin = 1
superanims = 1
actionspd = 200
mindash = 15
maxdash = 60

It’s fun, really, making a character that you want and get to play it. What’s better is a character for a mod. Mods change the whole game in many ways (graphics, unlockables, storyline.. even characters sometimes). I could make a storyline right now if I would make a mod on SRB2, but that would be too much. I’m bored. I’m just gonna draw myself some stuff I’m imagining right now.

Frostbite Factory Zone by Snipe

Check out this cool level by Snipe called Frostbite Factory Zone. I helped a bit on #wadbase, the WADBase’s official channel. It’s, like the name says, a factory, taking place in a snowy area with waterfalls, ice, and of course, a factory! Well as far as I remember and that’s what’s in the level when I last tested it. So without further ado:

The wad+topic

The Video

SRB2 8-Bit Soundtrack By SonicFans468


SRB2 Intro

SRB2 Title Screen

GFZ1 and 2

THZ 1 and 2



DSZ 1 and 2

CEZ 1 and 2


ACZ 1 and 2

RVZ 1 and 2

Final Boss

Check out these cool 8 bit remixes by SonicFans468. They’re awesome, I have to tell you. It takes a while to load, but it’s worth the wait. Now if someone would make a SRB2 8-Bit mod…