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The Project’s Page Has Returned!

With no change whatsoever! Isn’t that exciting? Although I do plan to do a few changes, adding sections like Dashboard, Pictures.. If you want to find the stories, just view the Project: Takashika category.


Neon the Hedgehog

Name: Neonica the Hedgehog


eyes: brown

fur: green

hair: orange with dark orange highlights

ears: small

skin (muzzle, arms, ears): light peach

Abilities: good at digging and hiding

fast reflexes

can climb walls

Chikie the Fox

Name: Charolette Markfoxx

Species: Fox



short fox tail

not fluffy muzzle (think Blaze’s muzzle, not Tails)

normal ears (think Sonic)

purple long hair

no chest fur

blue top and pants

grey shoes

peach arms and muzzle

no gloves

The Alternative Blog

It’s far from complete and still in a beta stage, so bear with me D: …. I’ll be writing about my plans and ideas for P:T… and will mostly include pictures. Also, it will be like my diary from Tak’s point of view.

Brainstorm: Possibilities

I was thinking… Tak needs to go to snowy missions in future stories. I need to make her suitable for it, so bye bye batto, hello kitsune!! I’m probably turning her into a fox until I get the final ones done and I can work on the rest of the characters. Before you go all “WHAT!? I THOUGHT THEY WERE FINISHED!” on me, please note: They are not finished. They are still way beyond beta stages. I’ll give Tak a long, thick, but light tail so she can fly and swim. And she’d be the color blue.. or lavander… Still have more stuff to do. It’s 2:15 AM here btw

New Stuff

As the title says, there are some new stuff going on:

-I’ve got Windows 7. I’m not using Ubuntu anymore. I’ve gotta communicate with my friends (who are mostly on YM)

-Back to Club Penguin…

-New Theme for my site

-New vid (lawlz, cpmv)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand probably a new Club Penguin page.

Takashika 24/7

What’s up with the 247 at the end of my username..s? Takashika’s a bat right [lolfruitbat]? Well she can be a nocturnal bat if she wants to. She can go out both day and night.. if she wants to. Soo yeah.