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Great Windows XP That I’m Using

It’s a super cool theme, but you might wanna make the Active Title Bar smaller.


Busy With Life

I haven’t been blogging recently. It’s just that I’m too busy with the most common problem: School. There’s lots of work to be done and a few more days we can have a break! So, yeah, few more days and I can rest my poor, poor back. It hurts :<

Moved To Windows Live

I made a new email on Windows Live. I made it because I wanna try new things.. And besides, my friend Hinote is there so I joined in..

Portal (Flash Game)

I’ve heard of this game called Portal, and it looks cool but I don’t have it. So I found a flash version and it’s as good as the real one. Walkthroughs: Console Commands:

inSONICnia Comic

I’d like to share with you this hilarious comic from the Mystical Forest Zone. I’ve read all of it, it’s really funny. Hope you enjoy it!

Tweet, Tweet!

Hey guys! I’ve got a Twitter account! Follow me at !!

CPMV Comeback?

So I made a CPMV. It’s still saving. I don’t know if Windows Movie Maker will kill it. So it saved… Now I’m uploading to YouTube, and at the same time, I’m making a background for my channel 🙂