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Sawee guize, but i’ve moov’d to a new blog. Post shall be updated with newness of updates.


New Theme Applied

Heyya guys! As you may have noticed, I’ve put on a new theme called Dark Wood. I’m customizing the background. I’ll just put a little Takashika thing on the bottom right, writing in her diary.. or maybe on her laptop composing a blog post. Or writing in her online diary *shot*. Anyhoo it has to do with writing. See ya!

Lovin’ the new theme

I changed my theme again. I LOVE it!! I mean, it’s dark and colorful and amazing. I’m gonna have this for a long, long time…

Edit1: I changed Uncategorized category to Other.

New Stuff

As the title says, there are some new stuff going on:

-I’ve got Windows 7. I’m not using Ubuntu anymore. I’ve gotta communicate with my friends (who are mostly on YM)

-Back to Club Penguin…

-New Theme for my site

-New vid (lawlz, cpmv)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand probably a new Club Penguin page.

Theme Based on Elegant Mine

yeah Elegant Mine’s colors are awesome so I decided to base off the colors of my blog to the theme. I’m bored right now. I think I should install the Google Chrome 2.0 theme and Im thinking of going back to Espresso. Darn you futuristic fonts, pretty graphics and awesome icons..

Making a P:T Header For My Blog…?

I just got this weird, but awesome idea of making a header for my blog [of course, I need to use custom header themes]. Some characters aren’t done, I can’t sprite, and I can’t MS-Paint either.. except for my avatar, that was too easy *shot*

I need to draw more characters though, and if you have the password for the Project:Takashika page, you can see beta pictures. No I am not giving you the password (unless you deserve it). But anyways, I drew my avvy at KolourPaint, and I worked hard on the eye (duh it was the only main thing on it 😆 ) and some stuff… And so I need some HQ design of Takashika the Bat: Public Version (lolwut).. Which means more hand pain for me.


Archives. Now.

May has thirty entries. How am I supposed to beat that? Well, if I just keep on blogging about Ubuntu I probably can!