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Twitter Awesomeness

Yeahhh if you follow me on Twitter you’d know the news. But if you really care, go find the news on Twitter ( Http:// ) P.S: if you want the news, like, right now, drag your mouse over the text below:

ellen degeneres is following me on twitter oh my gawsh

Online and Offline Diaries I’ve Tried

Tried and tested for my convenience, and now I want to share it with you. Have you ever wanted to keep a diary on your computer? I do. So I have tried 2 diaries: One is Penzu and one is Advanced Diary. Now here’s what I think about the 2:

I’ve been using Penzu for quite a time. Well, until it required you to pay it to use a custom avatar and a background.. Penzu’s really great because it’s like virtual pen (your keyboard) and virtual paper… that looks like real paper! I’ve been looking a virtual diary like this and if you want an online private diary, this is the best in my opinion.

Now if you want to take your diary around on a USB, Advanced Diary is the thing for you. I prefer the freeware version because you don’t have to pay for it (duh), but the shareware one is just as good. What is good about this diary is that you’ve got fonts and it’s password protected!

Hope ya enjoy writing 🙂