I told you many times how much I love the Espresso and Macchiato theme. I found an Emerald theme called “Coffee and Cream” by SpecKtacle, and I immediately fell in love with it. Before I downloaded Macchiato the first time, I was staring at that screenshot, admiring the colors. Too bad I can’t use Emerald, I thought to myself, and left the site.

I looked at Murrina Smoothie and Latte many times but didn’t bother downloading it because I payed attention to the colors instead of reading it. I didn’t like how it had different colors, similar to Shiki-Colors. I gave it a try, thinking that nobody would notice if I didn’t include a picture with the colored controls.

Just then, I tried Murrina Latte and realized that it was like Coffee and Cream… Also I realized how stupid I was from not reading the title *facepalm*