“I don’t wanna go!” She said angrily. Melissa’s mother has registered her to a boot camp 😐 . “But you need it, honey. It’s for your own good.” Her mother replied, forcing her to join “Tomorrow morning, wake up at 5:30. Your dad’s gonna pick you up.” she added. “Go up and take a shower.”

Why didn’t she like camping? Melissa was traumatized because of the ghost stories and the bear she once saw when she was a young girl. The next day, Melissa woke up. “Your dad is there. Take a quick shower” mother said. “Ok mom” she said in a sarcastic manner.

A few minutes later, she headed into their car. “Good morning, Melissa” her father said with a big smile. Melissa remained silent.

Few hours later..

“We’re here!! Isn’t this just great?” Melissa’s father said. “Yeah… great” Melissa said with a frown. “Hey, how are you? Here’s my daughter, Melissa. She’s new here :mrgreen: ” her dad said to the scouting leader, Bob. “I’m fine, thank you! Great to see you Melissa. I’ll give you a tour” he said. “This sounds exciting..” she whispered as her dad left. First of all, Bob led her to her cabin “That’s Jenny, Brooke and Leslie” Bob introduced the girls inside. “Hi” said Jenny “nice to meet you”. Melissa said hi and thought “They seemed to be kind to me.. I think I’m going to LIKE this place…”

Bob then continues the tour…

“Here’s the fishing area where you can have fun in the clear waters!” he said. “That’s the entertainment cabin, you can see a guitar, drums, piano, microphone, PS3, PSP, Xbox 350, Nintendo DS, Wii, iPod, MP3, Internet access and it’s airconditioned :mrgreen: !” he said as he showed her the different gadgets in the cabin. “This is so awesome!” Melissa excitedly said.

“Oh and by the way, that’s the Dark Forest. You do not want to go there. Nobody should without permission. There are rumors that somebody once went there… and never… came… back..” Bob said. Suddenly, Melissa heard a snobby voice say “Please… It’s just an old tale”. “Belladona, why don’t you believe in such a thing? Where’s your camping spirit?” Bob teased. “Ugh!!” Belladona said and walked away. “Don’t mind her. She’s Belladona, the ‘snobby one'” Bob explained. The tour ended and Melissa went back to her cabin.

Meanwhile, Belladona and her friends wanted to prove there is no such monster. Belladona and her friends, Selena and Joanne, went inside the forest and saw a weird figure… “Erm.. maybe it’s just the.. trees??” Joanne said and the wind roared. They ran away to a cave where they stayed. Nobody has heard of them. “Where’s Belladona!?!? Her cabin is empty!!” Bob said worriedly and someone joined the conversation “I’ve heard they went to the dark forest”. Bob replie “WHERE!?” Shannen, the girl who told Bob where they went, pointed to the path she last saw Belladona walk through. ” *gasp* Girls, stay here. I’m going to find Belladona” Bob said.

After an hour, Jenny, Brooke, Leslie and Melissa went fishing and they saw the boy scout on the other side of the lake. While her friends are talking to Melissa, she saw a cute boy wink at her. “Hey Melissa, whatchalookin at?” Jenny said. “I was just uhm… checking what they’re doing.. Yeah that’s right” she said. “Oh okay.. Let’s go fishing” Jenny said suspiciously. Melissa thought to herself “I wonder what’s his name….”

“BELLADONA… WHERE ARE YOU!?” Bob shouted but there was no use and he came back to the camp to ask for help. He blew his whistle and everybody crowded. “I need your help. Belladona is missing,” he said and everybody gasped. “We need to find her. We’ll have to use our camping and scouting skills. You girls over there gather the materials.. you over there get the first aid kit. Meet me at the bonfire area” Bob said. “Pfft whatever…” Roxy said.

“How do we get out of here?” Belladona said. “YOU GO OUT!!” Selena said with a big frown “NO WAY!’ she replied. When they were screaming, a big rock fell into the opening of the cave..

The girl scouts gathered in the bonfire area. Bob said “Girls, get yourselves a partner. Melissa’s partner wsa Jenny. The girls and Bob searched the forest. “Belladona! Selena! Joanna!” they yelled hoping to find them.

Meanwhile, Belladona and the girls are still fighting. “Look what you’ve done!” Belladona said. “Me!? If YOU hadn’t searched for your stupid so-called “proof”, this wouldn’t have HAPPENED!!! This is all YOUR fault!!!!!!” Suddenly Belladona heard something.. Or better yet, someone. “They’re calling us!!” Selena said as she could hear them too. Belladona tried to climb the rock “Move it…! Oooh this will ruin my manicure 👿 ” she said annoyed. Belladona finally reached the top. “We’re over here!!!!!!” she yelled, hoping they could hear her.

Bob asked if the girls could hear something. Belladona yelled louder. Melissa saw Belladona’s hand. “Over there!” she pointed, and the rest ran to the big rock. There, Bob took a look and saw Belladona. “How do we get her out of there?” Melissa asked.

Behind the bushes, a girl scout found a secret passage. “Hey look what I found!” she said. The girls then crowded. They were pushing because they all wanted to see what’s in it, then Melissa fell. The girl scouts and Bob tried to call her, but they found a different voice. There, Melissa climbed out with Belladona, Selena and Joanna. The girl scouts clapped and cheered as ambulance, media, and people surrounded them. Belladona smiled for the cameras and answered questions, while Bob insisted that she should go to the hospital. ¨But, sir Bob, I’m fine!” she said. ¨But still, you have to go!¨ he said.

The next day, Belladona was back from the hospital ¨I’m obviously fine. I got my hair and nails redone, Matt from the boyscout even complimented me” she said in her most snobby voice. Joanna told them ¨Do you know that Matt and Belladona like each other?¨ Melissa was heartbroken, but she didn’t mind . Bob walked in and bought with him the day’s newspaper. “Oh. My. GOSH is THAT Belladona!?!?!?!?!” someone shrieked. “Yes, yes, I know” Belladona said. Then everyone complimented how she looked on the paper.

Everyone went to the fishing grounds to go swimming. Melissa played with the fishes. “They’re so ticklish!” Jenny said. Belladona walked catwalked out of the dressing room in a beautiful bathing suit, shades, a big floppy hat, and the newspaper in her hand. The boy socuts yelled as they saw Belladona. They teased Matt and swam over to the girls’ side. A boyscout, Ralph, said “Wow, Belladona, you’re so pretty…” Melissa overheard the conversation and blurted out “Yeah she’s pretty but her attitude is like a dumpster 🙄 ” Leslie replied “Aw you’re just jealous!” she said teasingly. “I don’t know what Matt sees in her. CAN’T HE LOOK MUCH DEEPER!?” Melissa said…. ” *sigh*… <_<.. >_>… Let’s go find some coral”

Belladona was showing off the newspaper. She was standing on the wooden dock. Suddenly, a group of girls came running and they bumped her as they jumped. Belladona splashed into the water. She wailed “URGH!!!!!!!!! I’m NOT supposed to go IN the water!!” The boyscouts swam to her. “Well your hair looks nice” Ralph said. Then Leslie yelled “OOOOH RALPH LIKES BELLADONA!!” The girls teased and wailed as Bob called them. They went to their cabin and dried off.

Melissa and the others went to fish. The wind was blowing hard so they went back to the Bonfire Area. A storm was coming and they knew that they had to prepare.  Matt, Ralph, and the two others were still swimming. They were fighting in the water about who would get Belladona. Everyone went out of the water but Matt. Melissa caught his eye and he winked and swam to her. “Hi I’m Matt” he introduced himself. Melissa introduced herself and they talked for roughly about 10 minutes. “Melissa! A storm is coming! Time to prepare!!” Bob yelled. “Well…  bye! Nice meeting you!” Matt thought that Melissa was better than Belladona. He jumped back into the water. “MELISSA!!!!!” Bob called again. Matt was in the middle of the water when he felt something hurt him. Melissa heard him scream and as Bob went to get Melissa, she jumped. Melissa swam and Belladona saw her. She was so jealous she jumped in the water. Belladona couldn’t handle the current. She grabbed the dock and Melissa swam with Matt on their side. She helped Belladona get out of the water and went to the Bonfire Area. Everybody was inside except for Bob. He was waiting for Melissa.. and now Belladona.

“Who told you that you can go to our side of the camp?” Bob scolded Matt. “Sir Bob, let me explain. You see, Matt was drowning and I saved him” Melissa explained, shivering from the cold water and wind. Belladona rolled her eyes and went to her cabin to listen to her iPod. Bob let Matt stay in Melissa’s cabin with Jenny, Leslie, and Brooke. Melissa and Matt stayed on top of the two bunk beds. Jenny and Brooke was on the bottom and Leslie on a separate bed by the window. They all fell asleep that night except for Melissa and Matt who kept talking.

The next day was 2 days away from the end of Camp Scout. Matt enjoyed the girls’ stories. Matt stayed in the girl scout side because of the other boy scouts teasing him. Now the boyscouts think that he disappeared…. mysteriously…

Belladona planned a concert performance that she and her friends, Selena and Joanne will be in. “The final day of camp, we’ll have a HUGE concert where the girls and the boys get together and DANCE!! Also, of course, it’ll be like a party where everyone’ll eat and dance and play and stuff like that.” Joanne said. “I know who’s MY partner…” Belladona bragged, looking at Matt. Matt told Melissa “I don’t wanna go with that Belladona creep now.. I wanna go with you.” Matt was like a brother to Melissa, on her point of view.

After the announcement, the scouts went to eat. Melissa sat with Matt, Leslie, Jenny and Brooke. Belladona is sneaking peeks at Matt by the minute “So, Melissa, you gonna sing with Belladona at the concert? Are you close to her at some point? Is she your friend?” Matt asked. “All of those questions… no.” Melissa replied.

“So… lil Melissa isn’t joining eh…? SIR BOB!! I’m sorry, but you’ll have to cancel the concert. Let’s just make it like a dance AND a party.. but not exactly a dance party.” Belladona said. “I’d have to agree with you Belladona. I’ll contact the head of the scout camp and tell you about your fascinating ideas” Bob replied. “Oh my gosh I have to prepare..” Belladona meant getting her dress, her  make-up, her shoes, her everything.

“I wonder what I’ll wear” Melissa thought. “Can you believe it? A few weeks ago I didn’t want to do this. Look how far I’ve come” and she went at her cabin and jumped at her bed. Melissa then heard a voice. It was Brooke talking to Jenny: “Yep. Belladona planned it all. I bet she has a stupid, wacky plan to steal Matt.. She’ll failI just know it.” Jenny said. “My GOSH will she EVER be kicked off of this camp!?” Brooke asked. “Probably not. SHE thinks she’s queen of everything >_>” Leslie replied as she went in the cabin. “Roxy’s obviously wearing black” Melissa said as she came out of her hiding place, trying to sound casual. “Black’s a nice color. Who’s Roxy?” a voice from the door said. Matt came in and climbed his bunk. “She’s that emo freak who’s always wearing black” Belladona came in, chewing gum.. “Want some?” she asked. “No thanks 🙄 ” everyone said. “Oh sure!” Leslie said. Jenny slapped Leslie “Oww! >_>” She knew it meant ‘no’ and Belladona walked out. Melissa suggested they help decorate the bonfire area. “Surprise!!” a voice said. DJ Ray tapped Matt. “Ray!! Nice to see ya! Girls, meet Ray. He’s one of my good friends back home. He’s a DJ. Say… are you gonna play our songs at the dance?”

“I sure am!” DJ Ray replied. Melissa was unusually quiet. She was thinking what could happen at the dance. She went back to her cabin and dressed up in her pajamas. She fell asleep and by night it was really cold. Melissa was a bit sad because she will miss all her new friends. She woke up and thought to herself “Tomorrow’s a big day. I’ve got a pink dress and matching shoes.” She looked over and saw Matt on top of the other bunk bed, writing. He saw her: “It’s a thank-you card for DJ Ray 😀 ” Melissa went outside. DJ Ray and Bob were testing the lights. They were bright white lights that looked like pretty stars. Leslie, Jenny and Brooke suggested they go fishing “For old times sake 😉 “. When they got to the pond, they saw the same white lights and it looked so magical. “Hey Brooke, you excited bout tomorrow??” Leslie asked “Oh my gosh YES! I’ve got this pretty blue dress. You would love to see it”. Jenny noticed something. She whispered to Leslie “Do you notice that Melissa and Matt aren’t talking to each other?” Leslie nodded. “Melissa… we have to talk to you- in private.” she said. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking to Matt?” Jenny asked. “I’m worried about me, him, and Belladona…. that girl might do something mean to me…. I’ll have to tell Matt that he should go with Belladona. Besides, she’s prettier than me… and probably richer :< … It’s getting late.. I better sleep”. She said as she went back to the cabin and slept. She went to bed thinking what could happen the next day.

[in this part, Melissa is dreaming]

As Melissa is walking, she heard many compliments “Wow Melissa! Nice dress!”

“Cool dress! I love your hair!!”

At the end of the room, Matt was standing by the punch bowl. “Belladona’s watching……!” a whisper and a gust of air surrounded her. She ignored the warning and got herself some punch. Then Bob yelled “LIGHTS ON!” Everything looked beautiful. The lights flickered a bit, but she didn’t mind. “Melissa…. welcome to the party! That’s a fabulous dress you’re wearing. Alright!! This song… is dedicated to Melissa, her friends, and her date for tonight, Matt! DJ Ray said. “Beware….” someone whispered again, and the air blew harder. As Melissa and Matt were dancing, Matt said “It’s a good thing Belladona died. She was no good anyway” Melissa replied, worriedly “Yeah but I feel like she’s haun-” before Melissa could continue, the lights flickered, the wind blew and the sky turned a dark shade of red. “MELISSA! I WARNED YOU!!” The wind blew even stronger and the ground cracked. The lights were on fire and the Fishing Grounds had a huge whirlpool. The camp was destroyed.

“Melissa! Melissa wake up!” a voice said. Melissa woke up to see Jenny staring at her face. “Wh- wha–” Jenny jumped off the bed and yelled “Melissa, get ready. Tonight’s the big… well… night”. It was only 7:00 in the morning. “Dah…” Melissa sighed and went down her bunk bed. She saw Belladona walk by “Oh hello Melissa. Who’re you goin’ with at the dance tonight? I’m going with MY Matt. Well, see ya!” she said. Belladona left before Melissa or Matt could answer just to make her jealous. “Melissa, I don’t wanna go with Belladona! Sure she’s pretty but her attitude is like a… dumpster!” Matt said, which is what  Melissa exactly said about Belladona. Then Matt asked Melissa if they could go fishing. “I’ll call Leslie, Jenny and Brooke to c-” before Melissa could finish, Leslie stormed in. “HURRY UP! TAKE A BATH! GET DRESSED! We have enough time. Go, go GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she said. “Gosh you don’t have to be bossy 🙄 ” Melissa replied as she went inside the bathroom.

Bob called Matt to go back to the side of the boyscouts. “You can meet Belladona later” he said and took his boat across the pond.

A few hours later, it was almost night-time and Bob was doing a last minute check on everything. “Leslie, you look nice in that dress” Brooke said. Brooke took a bath and wore her beautiful lavander dress. Jenny was next and she wore a blue dress. Melissa took a warm bubble bath and wore her pink dress. When they went out, it was sunset. They saw Belladona, who was wearing a hot pink glittering dress.

“Scouts, welcome to the last day of camp. We start out with an upbeat song” DJ Ray said. Some girl and boy scouts danced while Melissa and friends talked. Belladona was practically the center of attention. A slow song played. Belladona looked at Selena, who was wearing an aquamarine dress, and Joanne who was wearing a mint green dress. The two nodded and Belladona walked catwalked to Matt. Then she saw him help Melissa stand so they could dance. Belladona said “Ugh!!!” and walked over to Matt. “Excuse me??? I thought you were going with me!” she said. Surprisingly, Matt replied: “Sorry Belladona. I thought at first that I like you. You’re just one of those people.” Melissa could see the I-have-been-dumped face Belladona is making. “Matt!” Melissa yelled. “Go to Belladona and DANCE. WITH. HER.” Matt was surprised. So was Belladona. “Really? Y- you mean it??” Belladona asked. “Of course I do! I want evryone to be happy 😉 !” Melissa winked.  “Why don’t you come dance with us?” Belladona invited. “I’d be glad to!” Melissa accepted and they danced together in both fast and slow songs. They went back to their table and Jenny was shocked. “Belladona, bring Selena and Joanne over here” Matt said. “Food…… has arrived!” Bob announced. They ate pizza, together with Dr. Pepper and other drinks like Coke and Pepsi. “Pepperoni’s my favorite” Matt said. “Gosh, me too!” Leslie said. “I like Hawaiian” Belladona said. They talked about their favorites and took turns slow dancing with Matt and the other boy scouts who asked them like Fred, John, Ralph, Rick, and met everyone. Matt invited Melissa to go boating and visit the boys’ camp. The lake where they went wasn’t dark at all. The lights Melissa had in her dream were there. They were so bright, they could see the fishes. “Well, I can’t swim 😆 ” Melissa joked. Suddenly lights around the wooden pole and the dock lit up and the lights turned on where the fountains are. All of a sudden, everyone was running towards the water and jumped. Of course, they were now wearing bathing suits. Melissa had her bathing suit too and jumped in the water. She swam towards Matt and Belladona, together with their friends. “Nice bathing suit, Melissa!” Belladona complimented. Bob took pictures of different scouts having fun and splashing around. “Hey I have an idea,” Brooke said. “We could hang out at the mall every Saturday” she said. “And eat some good pizza” Matt added. “Roxy, you okay?” Bob asked. “Yeah I’m fine” she said in a flat tone. Ralph swam by and Belladona bumped him. “Hi..” he said. “Hiyas!” Belladona said. “I was wondering if I could.. um.. come to the mall with you guys?” he asked. “Of course. In fact you could come hang out with us!” Matt invited.

They all went back to the bonfire area. It was already sunrise. Bob ordered more pizza for the hungry swimmers. As it arrived, Bob took more pictures. Some packed, getting ready to go home, some swam some more and some did a little bit of everything. The line to the souveneir shop was long. Melissa bought a native woven bag with shirts, pins, dog-tag, cap… all with the camp’s logo on it. “Ohhh like my shirt? Thank you!” Belladona said. “Look at this pretty cap!” Selena said. They heard Ralph yell “HEY GUYS! WHO WANNA CHALLENGE ME IN THE GAME ROOM!?” Everybody ran out to the game room except for Melissa, Matt, Jenny, Leslie, Selena, Brooke, Joanne and Belladona. They were eating pizza. “Had fun?” Bob asked. “We had a fabulawesomicious time!” Belladona said. Each patrol borrowed Bob’s camera and took pictures in their cabin. Belladona, Selena, and Joanne were singing in their cabin and jumping on their beds… and using the flashlights as a mic while the lights are off, and Leslie recorded them “I’M PUTTING THIS ON YOUTUBE!” she said. “All this jumping and singing is making me tired!” Selena said and stopped. Outside, the boys were noisy, singing, playing and eating. Ralph recorded the boy scouts who were yelling, rapping, dancing, and playing. “You putting that on YouTube?” Leslie asked Ralph. “YouTube? Whussat?” Roxy asked. “It’s a site where you can post videos” Leslie explained. “Can you be dark and quiet?” Roxy asked. “Uhh.. yeah you can be whoever you want”. She got her camera and recorded herself. Bob blew his whistle and told everyone to wait for their parents to pick them up. Melissa said she’ll ask her mom if she could go to the mall with them every Saturday. “Well, today is Saturday so…..” Leslie said.

“Seeya LATER guys! Literally!” Melissa said as her mom picked her up. “Hey mom, can me and by scout buddies hang out at the mall every Saturday?” she asked. “Sure honey” Her mom replied. Melissa’s mom drove her to the mall and met everyone at the foodcourt.

“This is so cool! I never knew being a scout could end this fun! Who’s going next year?” Belladona asked and everyone raised their hands. A girl nearby overheard this. “Oh hi. I’m Britannica. I’ve heard that you’re scouts right? Camp Scouts? I’ll be there next year. Oh my GOSH is that your jacket? I have one too… Only mine is imported and more expensive” she said in a super snobby voice. “Ugh! She didn’t even ask who we are!!” Belladona said in her old super mega snobby voice. “I’m thinking that next year, we welcome a new member of our group.” Matt concluded. “Yeah but she wouldn’t be as rich as Belladona.” Ralph said. “I think she’s just the same” Brooke winked.