GTK Theme: Elegant Mine

Icons: Eikon

Launcher Icons: Elegant Mine Icon Pack by shappie

Wallpaper: Curves (blue) by PurposeOfReason

Suggested font: Nu [Artwiz]

Check out this awesome  theme, Elegant Mine (details above). It’s black and blue, which is cool because they’re one of my favorite colors. This theme doesn’t have gradients or too much gloss, which is good for a simple theme. I will now either look or make a lock screen dialog for it 😆 .I don’t know how to change Karmic’s GDM theme, but I don’t mind though. The GDM theme is good as it is (Karmic’s defaults got me xD). Anyways, the theme is great and the only flaw is.. well.. play Mines if you wanna know. Everything else is perfect.