Yeah.. I am practically in love with the Karmic Human theme. It’s so.. brown.. and the icons are just made of win. This ought to teach me to not download themes 😆 . Which reminds me.. Espresso’s lookin’ pretty good here. I’ve got the actual font on the screenshot and my desktop looks just like it, besides the fact that I don’t use the emerald theme, and I use the metacity for Macchiato [it’s the same >.>], also I couldn’t figure what those icons are. And obviously, I don’t have the wallpaper. The Franklin Gothic Medium Condensed font looks really good in brown themes. I couldn’t change my default theme because it’s bright and brown: very Ubuntu.

So, yeah, bottomlines are:

-I love the default Karmic theme

-Espresso still rocks

-Franklin Gothic Medium Condensed is so awesome on many lvls

-I can’t decide what theme to use now.