Yeah, so I replaced Kubuntu with vanilla Ubuntu. Boy do I have a LOT to do:

-Install plugins for MP3

-Move everything from the top panel to the bottom [except for launcher icons, I don’t use those. Get a menu >.>]

-Install more themes (nahh I’ll just use Espresso. I tell ya, my desktop is like a photocopy from the original screenshots.. almost. So far I’ve got the font, GTK of course, Macchiato metacity)

-Get a decent background for Pete’s sake don’t copy the whole desktop…

-Try to get the scanner to work.. although I don’t know what this has to do with the new install, I just want my Hatsune Miku picture scanned 😆

-Download GNOME-Colors icons [Gnome-look you slowpoke]

To do for tomorrow AFTER school:

-Download DockbarX

-List more stuff to do tomorrow AFTER school