Hi, I’m Takashika Foxcat the Bat and I’m here in my backyard. Here next to me is my fort made by my dad. It’s like a smaller house, but it’s only made for me.. well I let my friends in four years ago, but that was when we were small enough to fit! While my dad was building it, my friends came by and asked if they could pick a color for the walls. They chose pink, baby blue, lime green and lavander. They’re very light colors, but I made it to make my fort dim (aren’t lamps amazing!?) My dad added a table and a TV. I added my laptop, pillows (to lie on, and a bigger cushion; moving around moves the pillows too and it hurts..) some of my stuff, and a groovy purple fuzzy rug. I sleep there most of the time. It’s like a bedroom to me. I can still fit there and stretch, but I don’t think any of my friends can all fit there. I remember one crazy time, Giwi fell asleep on the door!!

Before my dad built it, I wanted a window and a door. He built them, and the door had a peephole. The fort was like a small house, obviously made of cement like most houses. The floor had tiles, the big ones, and I had a gold lighted lamp to have a dim lit area. There’s a door that leads to the main house, behind me ‘bed’.

When I was mad at Giwi one time, I retreated there. They knew where I was though. I sleep there. I don’t know why, maybe I just don’t like my bedroom. It’s nice here because it’s warm at night inside and there’s locks on the doors and a curtain on my window. The door leading to the house is rarely used. It also has a window.. You can’t stand inside. You can only crawl and squat. You can move around freely though.

What I like about my fort is that I can do whatever I want. Mostly watching TV and going online on my laptop to chat with Neon, Chikie and Giwi. We friends go camping at my backyard, gazing at the stars or watching each other play.

If you have any questions about my fort, you can ask me!!

Lots o love,

Takashika the Bat

Author’s note: Even though my web username is Takashika, I don’t really have a fort sticked to my house… I dont even have a backyard.