This story took place 4 years ago before the main story, Tak is currently 16 in Scaffulton Destroyers. Here she and her friends were 12.

Takashika wasn’t always a flying expert. When she was 2, her father taught her how to fly. She wasn’t very good, even when she was sent to Flight School for bats. When Tak was sent to school, she met her friends, Neon, Chikie, and Giwi. Giwi was a bat like Tak, only better at flying and speed. Tak wanted to be a cat like her mom. She didn’t want to fly for one reason: she was afraid of heights. Not a single look from a tall building could keep her up. Little did she know that even when she’d fall, she would have wings to save herself. Her friends tried to teach her, but it was no use because Neon was a cat, and Chikie is a raccoon, both who obviously couldn’t fly. The two girls then decided to make Giwi teach Tak. Giwi’s father built him a rail park where you can grind on it like a rollercoaster. The loops were high and for Giwi, it was fun. The track was found on a remote place on Foxcat Island where most people know about, but left the place alone for Giwi.

The gang bought Tak to the place when they were 12 years old. Tak wore special shoes to grind on the rails, but she was scared.

Giwi: C’mon you can do it!


Giwi: Sheesh, just watch

And Giwi went around the loops. Tak thought it was fun and took Giwi’s hand. They went round and round and Tak let go of Giwi. One look changed the fun. Tak looked down and lost her balance. She fell, but she opened her wings and almost an inch from the ground. She tried to stand up and ran away from the gang. Tak had a secret hiding place in her backyard, which is actually a fort her father built. Tak then cried on a small bed she had and turned on the TV. She heard a knock on the door and looked at the hole. It was her mother

Chachi Foxcat: Tak, I bought you some cookies and chocolate. Would you like some? It’s getting cold outside.

Tak: Thanks, mom.

She opened the window and took the cookies and chocolate. She then put back the curtains. Tak’s fort was like a small house, with a lamp, TV, her stuff, a door to go back in the main house, a door, a window, a small table connected to the wall, a fluffy purple carpet, and pillows to lie on. She heard another knock on the door, this time, her friends.

Giwi: Tak…

Tak: Go away.

Neon (to Giwi): Let’s just stay here and keep Tak company.

Tak lowered the volume of the TV and listened to her friends talk. After that she went inside the house and out through the backyard door.

Chikie: Oh, I thought you were in your ‘base’

Tak: Well I had to go get you some cookies and chocolate

Giwi: Thanks.. Tak, let’s give the rails another try again.

Tak: *sigh* Well I’m a bat. I need to overcome my fear of heights.. I’ll do it again. Wanna come inside my fort?

Neon: Really? You never let anyone but yourself in there!

Tak: Well, you’re the only ones who’re welcome here!

And she let themselves in. They had a little sleepover there, watching TV, talking, playing games.. The next day, Tak went alone to the rails. She gave it another shot. The gang back home wondered where Tak was. Giwi had a clue.

Neon: Howdya know she’s here?

Giwi: You’ll see..

As they got there, Tak didn’t realize they were behind her. As Giwi tried to tap her, she ran and jumped on the rails. Giwi put on his grinding shoes and followed her.

Giwi: You’re doing it!

Tak: Oh yes I am! And I can even look down!

Giwi: Hehe that’s funny I never looked… down..

Giwi looked down and lost his balance the way Tak did. Tak jumped. Chikie and Neon gasped as Tak shot herself lower than Giwi and caught him. They safely went down to the ground.

Giwi: I never thought of doing that before.. I should trust my wings next time. Want another try?

Tak: Sure thing!

They jumped back into the rails and looked down to see the whole island, the birds that flew, they even saw a plane fly by! They jumped off the rails and flew on top of the entire island. At the end of the day, the gang went camping on Tak’s backyard. Each bought their own tents, except for Tak, who had her fort. They built a campfire, sang songs and had fun. Tak opened her door and windows as they watched TV and covered themselves with a blanket.

Neon: I’m sleepy G’night guys

Chikie: Me too *yawn*

Tak: Night guys.. Giwi..

Giwi: Huh.. what?

He was so into the movie they were watching.

Chikie: 😆 We’re sleepy, moviehead!

Giwi: Oh, goodnight guys!

Tak: You ain’t sleepy, Giwi?

Giwi: Nahh I’ll stay here and finish the movie

Tak: Okay. Me too. Have you seen the sequel yet?

Giwi: Nope..

The two watched movies until they fell asleep.. with the door, window, and TV opened. This happened for days until Tak flew Neon and Giwi flew Chikie around the island.