I’ve been writing on my Penzu lately and here are a few quotes from some old entries.. and the entry I’m currently writing.

Is there anything in your past that you still think about?

-Nahh my life sucks so I dont think about any lame junk about my life. Probably about Facebook and the stupid hackers who have no life. Yeah, them. Those people who are so immature.

^This is about me and my boring life *shot*. Seriously though, I didn’t feel like writing about anything at this point.

Do you remember feeling this way before?


^Me not feeling a way before when asked about any strong feelings

-Greatest 6th grade memory was when.. uh.. not much really

^Me being asked about my greatest memory

How can you change your thinking today to make for a positive future? -Lets see.. ignore Jericho’s stupidness (and childish approaches), ignore everyone, be like Rouge who only cares for herself. Don’t think about boys since they’re stupid when you talk about romance and those gross girly stuff where they all live happily married and love each other because the girly girl has a lame crush on the boy and the girl’s life gets ruined because a jealous one.. Nevermind, that’s the stuff that happens to girly girls who like pink. All I do with boys is punch them.

Not exactly punch them. I also yell at them =D

well thats all kthxbai