I am now using Google Chrome. Not that I haven’t used it before, I did. On Windows. I remember the fact that I was a browser addict back then. I had Firefox, Flock, Netscape, Safari, Chrome, IE… All which lead me to finally settle on Firefox. After a year or two of Firefox usage, I went to Ubuntu. I was so glad that Ubuntu came with Firefox, and not a browser that had the OS’s name plastered all over it. Chatting with friends who used Chrome, I went to Google’s website to see if they had an Ubuntu build. They didn’t at that time so I gave up. Then one week ago I just discovered (yeah I forgot about it) a way to download Chrome for Linux! I was happy and downloaded it. It took me a WHILE to get that download done. I don’t know why but it was worth it. The minimize, maximize, and close buttons on the Linux version is a bit different, but I don’t mind. They’ve got some new stuff, and wow, they’ve got THEMES!! I figured out that I didn’t really need themes (why, oh, why..) so I just went back to the default, blue theme.

I’m just happy that there’s Chrome for Linux ^_^