I’ve always thought about it. I like it, but I can’t do it. Doom Builder seems like a tough program. I’m not sure how to use it, I don’t know what a lindef is or what a sector does. I’ve always wanted to make a Takashika the Bat character wad. She’s gonna have the flight ability. And maybe I’ll make an Anti-Tak, a robot version of Tak, only meaner. She can have TAILSFLYTICS = 99999 since she’s the overpowered overlord thingy whatever and she’s gonna be part of the P:T storyline. I’m not there yet, though. I would have a LOT to go through. Anyways Takashika should have a bit of that TAILSFLYTICS because, well, she’s a bat. And I’ve never seen Rouge get tired of flying (Sonic X i guess.. I dunno).

If I ever wadded Takashika, here’s a sample of an S_SKIN1:

face = TAKLIFE
facename = TAKFACE
ability = 1
ability2 = 0
normalspeed = 36
thrustfactor = 5
accelstart = 128
acceleration = 50
startcolor = 3
prefcolor = 3
jumpheight = 100
highres = 0
runspeed = 30
superspin = 1
superanims = 1
actionspd = 200
mindash = 15
maxdash = 60

It’s fun, really, making a character that you want and get to play it. What’s better is a character for a mod. Mods change the whole game in many ways (graphics, unlockables, storyline.. even characters sometimes). I could make a storyline right now if I would make a mod on SRB2, but that would be too much. I’m bored. I’m just gonna draw myself some stuff I’m imagining right now.