She’s quick, she’s sleek, and she’s a theif! Together with her partner, they’re on a mission to help destroy Scaffulton Island. Their boss, the mysterious James Scaffulton, whose grandfather owned the island, has been jealous of the new owner: Tak’s father. James Scaffulton’s grandfather previously owned the island, then when he died, it was his father’s turn. James wanted the land for himself, and after his dad found out, he sent him to a far away country. After Mr. Scaffulton died, there was nobody to own the island. Giwi, one of Tak’s best friend, suggested they all live in peace until James came back. When he did, he announced Scaffulton Island domination. Tak told Giwi that it was a “suckish plan” and James, overhearing this, fled back to his country.

A month later, 2 foxes came to the island . They were Shishi and Sushi. Actually, their real names were Rob and Stella. Rob is a red chameleon, Stella being pink. They were sent to Tak and friends’ school for one main reason: Tak’s weakness. Why were they doing this? Scaffulton asked them to. They were robots built by the evil scientist (Yes, Scaffulton’s a scientist :shot: ).

Neonica the Hedgehog, a slow, smart, funny, and kind friend of Tak later discovered this fact and they explored the island. Tak found a weird base which used to belong to Dr. Scaffulton’s great grandfather, who also planned to destroy the island. Dr. Scaffulton never knew him, nor did anyone in this island except for Tak, Neonica, Giwi, and Rob and Stella.

Later on, Stella is voted to be a leader, along with Giwi. Stella won, and Tak sensed that they were only doing it to take over the island for evil. Tak, Giwi, Neonica, and Chikie decided to go on a journey to the country where James Scaffulton’s grandfather was born, Norkensons. At Norkensons, they found a similar base. Tak and Giwi explored, while Neonica and Chikie went undercover to ask around. Tak found a picture of Dr. Scaffulton’s grandfather. It was with James’s father, Rob, where his robot was named after.

Neonica was asking people on the history of their country, and Chikie went around making friends. It was fine because they were staying there for  who knows how long, but long enough to know about Scaffulton.

Let’s say that the research is over. To-do: Fill over this part or can this story.

The gang went back to Scaffulton Island. It was destroyed. Some homes are fire, most are burnt. The trees were cut, and the animals were dead. The rivers were polluted with toxic (teehee Techno Hill Zone)..

I just had an idea: I’m gonna make the dialogs like.. erm.. chat

Tak: Woah what happened here

Giwi: I dunno but whatever it is, it’s bad.

Tak: Where’s Neon and Chikie (Neon is Neonica)

Giwi: They’ve decided to stay on–

Tak: WHAT!? Veronica, a girl I met on Norkensons said  that Scaffulton is going back there to announce something. And as far as I can remember, he’s going to destroy that place, too!

Giwi: Let’s try calling them

And so Tak flipped her phone and dialed Neon’s number, conference called Chikie while Giwi opened up his laptop to go online and find if they’re online. Giwi e-mailed both of them, knowing there’s a computer shop where Chikie and Neon went to every single day, and they’re probably there.

Tak: Neon? Chikie? You there?

Chikie: Hello? Tak!! I’m glad you’re safe. Scaffulton is in the country. We went to go to your island as fast as we could, but all airlines and ferries are, liek, blocked!!

Tak: Ouch. Is Neon there? Where’s Scaffulton and what is he up to? I’m going to go there to get you guys. What were you thinking?!

Chikie: Tak, calm down, Neon is here with me.

Neonica: Ey der.. I’m kinda bored can we please go home now?

Chikie (to Neon): Neonica, how on earth are we going home when we’re… trapped!!

Giwi overheard the conversation due to the excessive yelling the girls were making. He flipped his phone open and dialed the three girls’ numbers (even though Tak and Giwi are very near, he still called).

Giwi: Yo guys what’s with the screaming and overreacting and–

Neon: It’s Chikie’s fault!

Chikie: You were the one who wanted to stay on the island!


Chikie: Sarry. Anyways how to we get out of here

Giwi: To get out of there we’re going to beat some jealous butt.

Neon: You mean you’re gonna have a fight with Scaffulton?

Tak: You’re darn right, Neon. Well, better load up my phone and get ready. We’re gonna build some sort of.. thing to get there.

They all hanged up and Tak and Giwi got to work. First they gathered their materials. They went around the whole island, last the Scaffulton base. They made a huge ship that could carry Neon and Chikie’s things out of the country. They found Norkensons destroyed, similar to Scaffulton Island.

Tak: Where could he be hiding…

She whispered  to herself.

Giwi: Wait a darn minute. If Scaffulton destroyed our island.. where are our

Tak and Giwi: PARENTS!?

Tak: D: D: D:!!! This is BAD. We left the island, talked to our friends, built a ship without even knowing WHERE. THEY. ARE!?

Then Giwi’s cellphone rang.

Giwi: Elo?

A woman’s voice spoke

??? Woman: Giwi? I’m glad you’re safe. Me and your father are hiding here in the island. I can’t tell you where we are, as the destroyers might be following you. Listen: Shishi and Sushi destroyed the island. I don’t know who they are or what they want. I hope you get this clearly. I don’t know where they are either. Our line will be cut soon as they are still monitoring the island. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT RETURN TO THE I click.

Tak: Who was that?

Giwi: I don’t know…

And then, Tak’s phone rang in a familar tone.

??? Woman 2: Takashika the Bat! You are in big big big trouble for leaving us here.

Tak: What!? Mother!!! We’re on our way to rescue our friends. Long story short, Scaffulton’s planning to destroy. We don’t have much time and I hope your safe.

Chachi: Yes, we are, thank goodness. We’re hiding with Giwi’s parents. Me, your dad, and your siblings are safe too. Can you ask Giwi if he got the call from his mom?

Giwi: That was my MOM!?

Tak: lolololol.. Yeah mom he got it..

Chachi: We’ll I’m glad. Listen, I’m going now. We heared that two foxes are tracing anything we do or say. Love ya, bye.

Tak: Love you too, mom.



Giwi: DAAAH!!!

As they ran around Norkensons, Giwi found a glove that’s similar to Neon’s. Written on the glove with Neon’s purple glitter pen, a message said:

45 Norkenson Street. That’s where we’re hiding. You’ll find us under rocks. Just find my other glove.

Tak and Giwi, tired of running, decided to fly. Using Giwi’s phone, they tracked ’45 Norkenson Street’. They went down and searched for Neon’s glove. It was nowhere to be found. At last, they yelled their names. Chikie then responded


They rushed over to the rocks and tried to carry it. Then someone zapped the rock. A slender fox in a metal suit then jumped from the rock he/she/it was standing and introduced him/her/itself.

Fox thing: Hiya. I’m Metalla the Fox. I’m in search of a sapphire. Mind helping me?

Tak: Mind helping our friends first.

Metalla: Sure thang, sis!

Tak whispered to Giwi:

Tak: Sis??

As Metalla carried the huge rock (by her own), Tak saw two mysterious gems on her sides, somewhat next to her ears, and said to Giwi

Tak: That looks like Shishi’s earrings, only it’s blue…

Giwi: Heck yea you’re right..

Neon: Thank chaos were out! Now let’s go kick some–

As Neon almost said “Scaffulton butt”, Tak covered her mouth and whispered

Tak: Neon, this weirdo is probably working for Scaffulton, what were you thinking!?

Neon: Geez, sorry…

Here’s when Metalla buts in:

Metalla: Hey guys are we looking for that sapphire or what?

Tak: Yeah let’s go help her

A few minutes of walking and running and flying and mud-throwing-at-Neon-and-Chikie’s-face later, Metalla’s phone rang.

Metalla: Excuse me.

She slid her phone open and answered the call

Metalla: Agent Metalla speaking. Who is this?

Then Tak thought

Tak: Agent Metalla? What the heck!?

Tak and Giwi couldn’t help overhear their conversation, while Neon and Chikie are busy fighting with each other. Finally, Metalla hissed at them to shut up. Tak is sensing that Metalla might be working for Scaffulton. Giwi on the other hand thought that she might be working for the government.

Metalla: Sir, I haven’t found the sapphire yet. I am with a gang. Their leader is Tak. She’s a bat, her fur is lavander and her skin is light tan. Oh, I see. Yes, sir. Right away.

Tak is worried about this information Metalla give, yet she is excited that she will finally meet Scaffulton in person to give him a taste of his own medicine. But what would he want with a sapphire? Tak knew that he would need it to gain power, as the most popular, valuable and important gem is the Norkenson Sapphire of Power. Think of it as a Chaos Emerald in the official Sonic series. Only this was one, and this was more hard to find.

Metalla: I guess we just have to find this sapphire next time. I’ll have to search the mountains. I will see you next time.

And Metalla used her jetpack to fly out of the forest and into the sky until she became a speck. Giwi then saw something shiny.

Giwi: What’s this? Why, it’s the sapphire! Metall-

Tak: SHH, GIWI! Metalla might be working for Scaffulton. That call was highly suspicious. She’s probably finding this Sapphire of Power for Scaffulton as part of his plan for destroying who knows what. Or probably making who-knows-what.

Giwi: Great thought. I’ll keep this thing on my pocket for now.

Giwi, Tak’s friend, wears a vest that inside there’s a pocket, safely closed with stylish zippers. Giwi also carried some handy gadgets, but now’s not the time to.

Neon: Where do you suppose Scaffulton may be?

Chikie: Across this island, obviously. If Metalla works for Scaffulton, then he’d best be here to find it for himself.

Neon: Correct. Tak, I suggest we go search the island.

Tak: What do you think, Giwi? Neon and Chikie need help from the large impact that the rocks did. Other than that there were trees, right?

Giwi: I suggest we go to a different country for medical help and come back. I have a friend at Qurikkaville [Author’s note: Quirikkaville is pronounced as ku-ree-kaa-ville].

So off they went to Qurikkaville and dropped Neon and Chikie to a hospital. The doctors knew Giwi very well, as his friend is a doctor there. Giwi told them the story; what happened, what they were doing, and some tips. A doctor asked if they would like Giwi’s friend, Alicia, to be Neon and Chikie’s doctor.

Giwi: I’m sure she’ll be glad to meet them.

So the doctor called Alicia, while they waited. Alicia came to see Giwi and she said that she would love to be their doctor. Tak and Giwi then went back to Norkensons, only to find it even more damaged as before. They fled back, knowing that Scaffulton will hunt for them if he sees them.

Scaffulton did see their big ship arrive and leave, thanks to Metalla’s description

Tak: Oh shoop da woop he saw us.

Giwi: Teehee, once we get far enough, you’ll see.

A few hours later, they were in the middle of Norkenson Ocean. They can see the mainland.

Giwi: Hopefully nobody that is related to Scaffulton is here. Hey Tak! Feast your eyes on this

As Giwi pushed a button, the ship turned into a stylish submarine. They went underwater. Tak enjoyed looking out the window and Giwi decided they eat. Tak, being imaginative, thought that they would eat in an underwater restaurant.

Giwi: We are!

Tak: lolwut!?

Tak and Giwi’s adventures were full of surprises. They just hoped that Neon and Chikie were fine. Giwi drove the submarine into a balloon-like structure. There, mermaids and other Mobians were eating. There wasn’t any water, but the mermaids were fine with it. Tak and Giwi ate and a few minutes after eating, Tak called Neon on the phone

Neon: Yeah we’re okay. We’re enjoying this awesome room. This hospital is like a hotel, girl! They’ve got video games..

Tak: Hmm, yeah. Listen, we’re going to visit you guys. We’re staying in a hotel near the hospital. We can’t go to the island and to the country. Scaffulton’s robots are scattered, and I bet Metalla’s one of them.

Neon: Mm yeah okay. Chikie’s sleeping. I’m just playing a video game here. Can you believe how yummy their pizza is? Oh.. okay. Byia!

Tak and Giwi went back to the submarine and after a day, they arrived at Qurikkaville. First, they went to SugarSweet Hotel. As a coincidence, their room had a window next to Neon and Chikie’s room at the hospital! After they unpacked and chose rooms, Tak and Giwi went to a nearby mall to buy something for Neon and Chikie. Tak chose a beautiful pink necklace for Chikie, while Giwi bought Neon a handheld game.

Tak: What is that?

Giwi: It’s a PortaGame.

Tak: What on earth is Neon gonna do with THAT?!

Giwi: Play it, duh

Tak rolled her eyes as they left the stores to go to the foodcourt. They bought soup for the 2 girls and went to shop for gift-wrappers. You know, to wrap their gifts. Tak decided she’d buy a jacket or a hoodie or a hat. Giwi suggested she’d buy a hoodie. Tak agreed so she bought a nice black and blue one. They went to the hotel and wrapped their gifts. Tak left her hoodie on her room while Giwi bounced on her bed

Tak: HEY!!

Giwi: Teehee :mrgreen:

They went out to the hospital and gave their friends the gifts. Tak and Giwi forgot about Scaffulton until


There was an explosion far away, but it could be heard. Tak and Giwi went out and flew to where the smoke is. As it faded away, they saw a hedgehog in a metallic mobile (Think Eggmobile only.. not-so-round).

??? Hedgehog: Muwahahahaha! Let me introduce myself. I am Scaffulton. That’s James Scaffulton. Or Dr. Scaffulton. BUT ENOUGH!! You will be calling me KING SCAFFULTON as soon as I let this whole planet ESPLODE!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!!!111ONEONEONE!11111!!!

Tak: Stupid, much?

Scaffulton: Prepare to meet your match, Takashika Foxcat the Bat!!

Tak: /sarcastic: Oh I’m sorry, I’m already taken. But take THIS!

Takashika then homed on Scaffulton as fast as she could. Giwi, being faster than her, thought of this act as a distraction, and while Scaffulton was facing Tak, he homed on him about 10 times. Scaffulton’s metallic mobile became defunct and he fell on the ashes. The smoke was gone and everybody was watching the fight. Scaffulton was sent to prison, with his gadgets and whatnot confiscated, he has no escape.

Tak: That takes care of him!

Tak and Giwi, though friends, shook hands as paparazzi crowded them. Tak and Giwi then flew away to their hotels. Qurikkaville was so peaceful, until the annoying media came to attack them…

The only way to stop them all is what we’d usually do: give them answers to a bunch of interviews so they’d stop asking. After a few weeks, the paparazzi stopped. They stopped inviting them for interviews, talk shows, et cetera, well except for the talk shows. The commercials keep on replaying. Giwi and Tak didn’t want to flee from the country, as it was peaceful. But they had to. They JUST had to

Tak: Guys, as soon as you’re better we have to go back to Scaffulton Island.

Neon: Why, you stupid? Did a rock hit you?

Tak: You’re the stupid one. Our PARENTS are there, trapped.

Neon: Eh I’m sure some rescuers have found them

Tak: Fine, you stay here all pampered and greasy due to a month of pizza and Coke. Guys let’s go

Giwi: And bring your hoodie with you, Tak

Tak: I will

A few days later, after the packing and constant revisiting of paparazzi, they finally went to their submarine. Don’t ask me where they docked it. It was a month before they went to Scaffulton Island. On the way, they visited the restaurant again, but this time with Chikie.

Chikie: This is one awesome resto. Say Giwi, how do you know this place?

Giwi: I had a friend, his name’s Rick, he introduced me to this place while we were exploring the ocean. He was searching for treasure. HEY!! Speaking of treasure, I remember the saph

Before Giwi continued, Tak shushed him.

Tak: Don’t you remember? It ain’t safe yet.

Giwi: Sarry

After they ate, they went back to the ‘boring’ submarine. One week later, they arrived. The island was clean and beautiful. There, the mayor was standing, Shishi and Sushi were on handcuffs and were sent to be destroyed. The mayor announced that it was time for them to rename their country to Foxcat Isles. As for their parents and other citizens, they were safe. Hospitals were being rebuilt, thus they were sent to the hospital Neon is. The service was happy to serve more patients (more money loljk) and Tak was happy that everything was back to normal.