Hmm.. just got home from school and I still have lots of posts to make to break that swirmy lil 18 there. We’ve got lots of homework, including something to bring tomorrow: a green slide folder. We’ve got lots of homeworks today, I’ll tell ya that. So since I just came home, I’m giving myself a break until 8 o’clock. Then after my break I watch Ellen for another break. Then after watching Ellen I do my homework. Then back to the computer. And while I’m at it, I’ll show you some plans for my.. umm.. Sonic art…??

Project Takashika


Takashika the Bat

Chachi Foxcat

Rory the Bat

Rose the Cat

Rowm the Bat

Chikie the Echidna

Neen the Hedgehog

Giwi the Bat

so, um, yeah they’re not finished yet.. Those in red indicate finished, while those in blue are not done, while green shows WIP. Yes I will be making a page for this because I tend to forget characters. Yes it will be probably a private page 😛 . Speaking of pages I need to make that page right nao!!

Until then,

~*~TaKaShiKa ThE B@T~*~