And that, my friend, is Macchiato, by SpecKtacle. I mean, it’s just so balanced! Good on the eyes and I could use it for a very long time. What’s bad is that it doesn’t have a metacity. CITguy made a metacity theme, but I didn’t really like the round corner on the upper left. I’m not sure if he’s going to update it. I want the exact theme, but I can’t run compositing due to my unsupported graphics card. And since I don’t use OpenOffice (except for homeworks), I don’t have any bugs and whatnot with this theme. Except for Firefox when I try to keep a minimalistic feel and the text is too dark. The theme also has wallpapers also made by SpecKtacle. I’ve heard that the creator of this theme is also making a new theme: Espresso. I’ve seen screenshots and from the looks of it, the theme screams “This is so gonna be my next theme” *shot*. But seriously, this guy knows how to blend the colors perfectly!! And I hope CITguy makes an Espresso metacity “When it’s done ™”.