Of course, as a user of Ubuntu, I keep changing themes. Ubuntu is a great, great OS, but I feel that the Human theme is a bit boring after a few days. So I walk to, no, hop to GNOME-Look.org to get me-self some eye candy. Chocolate flavored, I settle on brown themes as it is a relaxing color and it’s easy on the eyes. The fact that I hate really dark themes is that you can barely see the text. Either web pages or Pidgin, the only IM client I can use that supports Yahoo! Messenger (sigh if only most of my friends used Hotmail/Live or Google). So I have this really great theme: Macchiato by SpecKtacle. This theme is so amazing yet nice on the eyes. What I didn’t like is that it didn’t have a metacity! I found one, but I didn’t like the round corners. So here’s what I did:

Theres this other theme on GNOME-Look that’s called Dust-Macchiato Semicompact by Psykosis. I downloaded the theme, only to find that it’s just really Macchiato with Dust‘s metacity. I didn’t like the metacity much because it was darker than the normal Dust metacity, so I just edited my Macchiato download with the built-in Dust meta (it comes with Ubuntu 9.04. As for the other versions, I don’t know). But I’m currently happy with what I did, and I’m staying with it. Hope you too can find a way around your themes by mixing and matching metacities and GTK :3