Lawlz, theres a feed on my Facebook wall. I’m only doing this to fill the whole page on the FB wall. Here’s what happened: I was doing a post when I remembered that feed thing on FB. Then, I got the idea of trying to fill it with posts. Now it’s plain annoying since I don’t want to fill this blog with really, really, REALLY pointless posts. Like on my very first outdated CP-related blog: Yes, I’m Penny0507. Yes, I’m GammaGurl3000. Yes I was a huge fan of SnowDobby and Mazda Rulez. Yes I was that hobo who’s really addicted to CP. Yes I used to overreact when I see a famous penguin infront of my computer. Srsly. Yes, I keep changing names zomg… Now it’s all gone. But who cares, anyway? I’m moving on and that’s a good thing, right? But I’m still glad you’re viewing my CPMVs on my YT page. It makes me realize that more people need to play SRB2 *shot* JK…

Back to topic, even though I quit FB, I still have fun with it. How? Make the walls like a Twitter. “OMG I’M EATING” or “yo im drinking from a coke bottle, whats yer problem wid dat?” or “Yawn I’m bored” et cetera. It’s actually fun sometimes on Facebook, I just got sick of it because “What’s the point?” My friend is asking if she could have my account for Resto. City. NO. Doesn’t mean I quit facebook means you get my account, get all stuff from it and profit. No. Why? It’s not fair you get all the fun, you selfish, selfish, poopoohead (I just love saying that, don’t I?). What if I find RC fun later on? I get nothing because of you. It’s your fault you stole all stuff I had. So that’s the reason I won’t give you my account kthxbai. And besides that’ll count as cheating right?

Well that’s all.

No, making a long post wont make the block on the profile bigger, either.