YouTube, ourTube. Notice how it sometimes loads slow? I hate that. I also hate screamer videos. They think it’s so funny. It’s funny when you already watched it, like, a billion times and laugh at how stupid the picture is and why the heck they put it there, making fun of the bad editing and whatnot. What’s good about screamers is that you can prank someone, only do it at April Fools or you’ll be dead. Then there’s these “comments”. I’m pretty glad YT has them, for the sake of our opinions and such. But who cares who a named stickman is? Or the pass-around ASCII art? Now your vid has become a huge Sand Spambox. One thing I hate, too is the errors. Watch a vid and it says “An error occured. Please try again”. lolwut?

The good of YT is that it’s very informative, entertaining, and you can communicate with each other and find that they like the vid, you like the vid, they hate the vid, you hate the one who hates the vid… Well that’s all..

-Takashika aka NiteAngel aka NitemaireAngel aka Ihavetoomanyaliaseslol