Hi guys. With everybody finding this new hack, they hack PS to be lvl47 and whatnot. Well, here’s the buzz:

Only losers are the ones who hack PetSoc.

Well, that’s what Luigi said. He was level 30 something fair and square and what did [censored to respect privacy] do? OMGHACK. It kills the point of the game that we should always, always, ALWAYS play fairly. Fact is, we should play any game fairly. True they have some glitches, and they get fixed. Playfish doesnt want or need any hackers because Pet Society is a social game! We should learn how do be friendly with our friends.

And we’re all like, “omg but they’re higher than me D: what does that mean? does it mean i suck at making friends :'(” No, you don’t suck at making friends. There are some reasons they’re higher than you: They play a lot, they have friends (that you can always add, too!), and they probably like bumping on trees and cleaning their friends (one way to be social in PetSoc). Or they’re just some lazy poopoohead (lol i got this on Ellen DeGeneres’s book, The Funny Thing Is… which is AWESOME… and I sometimes use it to describe… naah dont wanna say his/her name ;p) who used Cheat Engine to do hax.

And my point is, don’t hack. Play fair and square as it is both safe and both fun. Hacking gives you the opposite. Which is why I barely play PetSoc anymore. liek, lolomghaxxorz