There are new wigs out in Pet Society, and I thought they looked cool [heh, if only there was one that looked like Rouge xD]. There are two wigs as of now, but I hope they’ll add more in the future!! So anyways, here’s what my pet looks like:

6412_102590746420301_100000081282626_76598_7435030_n My pet was lavander, but since I renamed her to Rouge, I made her fuchia.. I didn’t like how red looks like, so I bought that color. I did buy a red bed from Luxury [couldve spent it on those cool stairs and/or party dress… stupid selfishness hehe..] and it looked cool.

Now here are some facts about what I’m wearing:

I always thought that if I make a drawing of human Rouge, she’d be blonde with a lighter shade, so there wasn’t blonde-with-a-lighter-shade here in PetSoc, so I got blonde instead :Razz: .

Ninja Rouge was in Sonic X, and there wasn’t a bat costume, so…

The eyes were one of the major changes here [costs 1,200 what was I thinking!?]. Rouge had eyelashes and my former eyes did.. NOT.

The mask was from Luigi 😛 [he hates it 😆 ].

I like my new outfit in my opinion, but as for Luigi, he thinks my pet needs some air.