For some reason, I made that as my username on Yahoo! Answers (duh, a student like me can do a lil research and a few questions). It sounds cool to me, but it’s a LOT harder to type than NitemaireAngel. I wouldn’t be asking an admin on EVERY forum I joined to change my name to that, it will take a long time to get used to. What’s good about this username is that it has letters, numbers, AND symbols…wait is underscore a symbol?

Anyways, I was bored and I wanted to make a REALLY COOL and ORIGINAL username. nMa_1.1_Re wouldn’t be accepted in some sites, so I have to find a way around it:


-nMaRe11 (LOL notice the MaRe? NitemareAngel was my former username, I added an ‘i’ to make it a bit original [and it wasnt])

I’m thinking of more ways, but for now, I’ll stick to nMa_1.1_Re and nMa11Re (which, I noticed almost spelled like Nitema1re). Aha! I got another way: nMa1Re. Lol, the many ways of usernames.

Maybe I’ll change the site’s name to nMa1Re’s HQ…

The best thing is, when you Google these usernames, there aren’t much results! Until now…