As you know, Pet Society has released a new fishing game. Here are some tips that I found out (and got from the forums).

TIP #1: Don’t use expensive food as a bait! Always use cheaper ones (I tell you, your money will be wasted)

TIP #2: When you catch something, you usually click and hold it. After you do that, you usually keep on holding it until your line becomes red then you let go and click and hold again. Well, what I do is after the first splash (which means I caught a fish) happens, I click and hold it. THEN after it splashes again, I let go. Repeat the procedure:

  1. After catching a fish, click and hold.
  2. When it splashes again, stop holding; let go.
  3. After you see the splash, click and hold your pet again.

TIP #3: You can only catch up to 5 kinds of fish.

TIP #4: You get 10 paw points for each catch (You waste coins on money, but you level up faster šŸ˜† )

TIP #5: Apples make a good bait, you can get most of the fish by using it.

TIP #6: Here are a list of fishes and their baits (taken from this forum post by Solana_, I removed the items like the soda can and wheel)

  • Altun Angelfish = Onion, apple pie, orange sorbet, rotten veggie, strawberry cupcake, donut, milk
  • Arowana = cauliflower
  • Apple Fish = apple
  • Bluegill = melon, blue rebook cupcake, strawberry soft serve, blueberry cupcake
  • Carp = Pink donut, melon, strawberry cupcake, apple, yellow ribbon cupcake
  • Chocolate donut fish = pink donut, chocolate donut
  • Clownfish = Chocolate donut, broccoli, onion, chocolate soft serve, strawberry cupcake, maple syrup
  • Coconut fish = Homegrown coconut
  • Crab = Chocolate donut, yellow ribbon cupcake
  • Dogfish/puppyfish = bone
  • Flounder = onion, apple cake, grapes, corn, chocolate milk
  • Frontosa = pink donut, bread, pineapple, coconu juice, grapes
  • Loveroot fish = Tiny/small sweetheart root
  • Paddlefish = orange sorbet, cheese, apple
  • Sardine = onion, Biscotti, chocolate bunny, pink donut, apple, courgette
  • Seahorse = carrot
  • Shrimp = pink donut, corn, pumpkin, onion, burger, clone syrup
  • Silver Arowana = apple cake, cherry cheesecake, strawberry, pink donut, grapes, rare steak
  • Squid = whole pizza, homegrown banana, cheesecake, orange juice, cherry cheesecake, homegrown cupcake, beet, apple, white ribbon cupcake, pear, ice cream paradise
  • Starfish = biscuit , homegrown cupcake, below average homegrown carrot, peach syrup, birthday cake, homegrown orange, homegrown apple, whole pizza, courgette, homegrown coconut, chocolate soft serve, homegrown orange, cucumber, cabbage, turnip, apple, bone, coconut juice, sorbet paradise
  • Strawberry donutfish = pink donut
  • Melonfish = whole melon


New fish have arrived! Here’s the list thanks to TangerineLubber’s post:

  • Orange fish = homegrown orange
  • Cupcake fish = homegrown cupcake
  • Lovefish = grapes
  • Chocolate fish = chocolate heart
  • Sheepfish = apple, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, rare steak, chocolate donut, lemon
  • Butterfly fish = melon (slice), rotten vegetable, apple, lemon, rare steak
  • Clown loach = Lemon, melon (slice), broccoli
  • Schooling banner fish = rare steak, grapes
  • Blue sea urchin = broccoli, apple, grapes
  • Spotted bass fish = grapes, cheese, broccoli

TIP #6: Some fishes have names that are very obvious (i.e. Apple fish, cheesefish, melonfish). Look here for a complete list of food-like fishes.

Tip by locorocoChan:

Tip for catching fish:

1)Point ur mouse on your Pet
2)Close your eyes
3)Listen to First Splash Sound
4)Listen to Second Splash Sound
5)Ater 4)above, immediate Click n Hold your mouse
6)Listen to First Splash Sound
7)Listen to Second Splash Sound
8)After 7)above, immediate Release your click
9)Perform Step 3 above again til step 8 repeatedly.

Tip from Anna Kousnivore

In Starfish you can also use the bone [not the biscuit] to catch it.

Tips from Jasmine

Octopus –> Chocolate donut

Green discus –> milk

Blue ram –> milk

That’s all of the tips I could give, if you have a tip, feel free to comment!!