According to the terms, we can make more entries for the contest on Pet Society. But I wanted to make a new one, this time with pictures, because the first one I submitted just sucked. This time, I want to use screenshots instead of drawings (curse you windows for self-corrupting your autochk), so no videos. FOREVER. Until Windows gets fixed (which leads to a reinstallment of Ubuntu and loss of all the WADs I had on my srb2 folder).

Back on topic, if I will enter again, I will make some story again. I might need to use some Pet Society items, so I already know a site to take care of that. But what else…. Aha! An easter egg of a cheese! YES! It’s perfect! Cheese! And it’s gonna be really hidden. Of course, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t include it, but I just got an idea upon typing this: my pet eating cheese! IT’S PET-FECT!! *bricked* . I shall now do the story (and fail again)!!!!