Hey PetSoc-cers! Pet Society is having a contest (It’s gonna be their first birthday on August 8!!) and whoever wins gets a million coins! I’m not kidding, really. See the link on top of this post for more details. I also entered the competition (as it is my first) and I’m hoping to win a million, but maybe 100,000 will be nice too 😆 . I made a comic and story (but, meh, seriously it SUCKS… dahhhhhh), and of course, posted it on the forums.

I must say, most posts on the forum are really creative. And I tell you, it was hard making that suckish comic. I like how it turned out though. I spent like a LOT of hours and days in that drawing (traced and colored using Photoshop). I did a good job on Elizabeth T.’s (my best friend’s pet) gold belt thing.. but I sucked at drawing the Statue of Liberty crown thing, so I didn’t include that 😛 .

My friends are also making entries to the contest. Well, I hope they win too ^_^ . I hope your entries get high votes, and good luck :mrgreen:

~Nitey Nitemaire!!