Hmm, it’s been a while since I haven’t been obsessed with ALL the themes here at… I like the Fadtastic theme (the theme I’m using) very much, I would like it if it came in different colors too šŸ˜† . Last time, the site had the Vigilance theme, and it changed colors according to what desktop theme I had. Well, I got seriously tired of that and skipped the Custom Colors section of the Themes page.

I’m thinking of changing the theme, but Fadtastic just looks.. fantastic! I like the color scheme; blue and green looks awesome (for my eyes) when it’s combined. I also like how Fadtastic puts older posts in a list and puts the latest one on the top.

Well, maybe I’ll stick with the Fadtastic theme for a while and maybe when there’s a new theme and it catches my attention, maybe I’ll try it (and go back to Fadtastic, hopefully!)