Don’t you just hate those stupid spammers who post spam? Me too. Spammers just suck, everybody knows that. I mean, who the heck cares about your dumb site and/or product? Sorry stupid spambots, but I’m not interested in your site. Spam somewhere else… like, well, I don’t know.. your LIFE. There’s nothing good about spam, my friends. Don’t do it. Besides, if you spam, it means your site is noob-ish and you try to get people on it. Thanks, but no thanks. I am not going to your nooby spam site with flash intros and lame content on it.

Before, I had a site where some dumb-butt people spam about this “insurance” thing. It was blacklisted and I never got those kind of comments anymore. But maybe if I set the comments so only people who have a WordPress account can comment? That won’t be fun for readers who don’t have a WordPress account. So, the point is:


Thank you.

NOTE: You may comment anything you like as long as it isn’t offensive and spam.