sleep_petHey guys! I’m now level 15 on Pet Society! I had a bed since lvl 14, and I am very happy. Now all I need is that kewl bubble bath and a toilet. Seriously I want a toilet. I’m doing fine right now (but IRL, my head hurts no thanks to glasses I need to wear), I just need the coins to get myself at least a bathtub. Or when I’m in the mood, hug all the friends I have on PetSoc (as me and Luigi call it, but… meh).

I’m trying my best to earn myself a bathroom (I have like, 2 empty rooms there. Will they PLEASE stop giving me rooms and if they do, something to at least PUT THERE!?) but toilet is kinda useless since I don’t make my pet poo all the time (only once and I hated it).

Look at my coins at that pic. You can barely buy anything with that! Unlike Meez, you earn coins in PetSoc by playing hurdles and being, well, social (even though it isn’t a multiplayer net game 😦 ). You can’t play games to earn coins (like Club Penguin or Meez)….

Still trying to earn up coins. Seems like all my friends keep their pets clean. Gah..