Again, I have changed my theme. This time, there’s another twist: going from light…

…To dark.

I downloaded the Wasp theme from, and I liked the header on it’s Wasp-Hard style.

Here’s some info:

THEME: Wasp (with Dust controls)

Icons: GNOME-Colors (Dust)

Cursor: OxyWhite

GDM: Black Wood


fontWallpaper: Dust theme wallpapers

I must say, this has been one of the nice themes that I used in my.. well.. entire Ubuntu life; not much on Windows. I’m still in the middle of full customization; just look what happens when I donwload a new theme and it’s eye candy. I do the lock screen, download a GDM, find wallpapers, and make panel backgrounds and find matching icons. Wow, the craze. I must say thatthe finding of themes is over. I’ll finally settle on this one. Reasons are: I don’t want to do ALL that stuff anymore and; It’s filling up my disk space šŸ˜† . Seriously it does. And, yeah, I have an LCD monitor with a dead pixel of SRB2’s main screen sky (you know, that blue sky scrolling title at the start?) I knew it because it disappears when I play SRB2 =P

New theme = new site colors of course! Just changed the colors and it’s lookin’ pretty good.

The best thing about my Ubuntu computer is that there’s no dock. I never really got to use one. Anyways, without further ado, MY DESKTOP::