I recently received a comment from xuCGC002:

Firefox is painfully slow on most Linux distros. Unless there’s some add-on or theme you “have to have”, try Epiphany web browser. It integrates well with GNOME, so It’ll look like your current theme. It also has most popular add-ons, such as Adblock and Greasemonkey.

So, I downloaded it. At first, I was nervous because it’s a new browser and I’ve never used it before, but it’s got a lot of cool things:


>> Tabbed Browsing

>> It’s fast!

>> I need more experience with it, so this list will be updated 😛


>> Can’t close the tab with middle mouse click; only close button

>> No “favicon”s

>>Saves history T_T

>>Still, I need moar experience with it

I’m trying to get a decent movie maker for Ubuntu ATM, but for now, no vidz 😦 . Stupid Windows killed itself: autochk not found. Curses