Hey guys! While looking for themes today, I ran into something at Mozilla Labs called “Personas for Firefox“. As seen on the FAQ, Personas are “lightweight, easy to install and easy to change “skins” for your Firefox web browser”. I tried to make one, well it failed and looked werid. I’m currently using the Groovy Blue theme. It looks really good, but it doesn’t match my Ubuntu skin 😆 j/k. I acutally loved how easy it was to make a Persona. For the header, it’s just 3000×200, then design! For the footer, it’s just 3000×100. I like how the tabs and the address+search bars are translucent. It looks really good with blue. But that doesn’t mean I’m changing my Ubuntu theme, though. Blue’s one of my favorite colors ;] .

Personas really made my day, so did Lee.Tom for the awesome Groovy Blue theme! See for yourself http://www.getpersonas.com/ .