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Of course, you think I’m havin’ a good happy life with Ubuntu. Course not! I’m worrying that the 8.7GB of my Home Folder will just get filled; let alone the whole partition! I’m downloading gparted, some sort of thing that reduces Windows partiton’s space to make way for Ubuntu… I don’t even know how to get the size of the partition of Ubuntu :/… I’m checking my Filesystem Properties. I want to make Ubuntu bigger, but leave some space for Windows, as my mom doesn’t want to try, or even use, Ubuntu 😆 . I already made through 3.0+ GB.. Wow! I’m nervous. gparted is taking too long to download. It might not even complete, Firefox does that; it doesn’t always finish downloads; it just… skips time!

I learned that there’s 8.7GB of more free space; that won’t do if I want to live comfortably in my- only my; really- ubuntu space. What is in my computer anyway? A one-big-building load of useless files? Naah I don’t download that much. Cache? Already cleared it. I wonder what has made my system have more than 15GB, when I try to keep it “as good as new”? Of course, how can I forget. The system files! And some stuff that hasn’t been completely removed. Oh joy. More work << . I love Ubuntu, I really do. I don’t want to give up my dual-Wubi-installed-boot system just for a more lightweight version of Ubuntu!  I love the orange+brown theme! I don’t want to use blue, green.. or any other colors (but I agree if you say that Ubuntu needs a few more usage of darker colors like black, or a darker brown for it’s default theme, rather than orange 😉 ).

I’m going to uninstall the things that I- or can’t- use: Evoultion Mail, games that I haven’t playe/just too hard for me, and some other stuff that I can’t mention right now.

There’s something weird about pre-installed Ubuntu apps. They’re all 5-stars on Add/Remove…

19 Minutes Later…


Ho-boy.. this will probably take time, as I’m removing about 5 things, and adding 2 things. Wow. Ubuntu never ceased to amaze me. But still, gparted is still downloading. Screenshot

Sigh… I found out that I really didn’t need the “splash-screen”. I wonder if deleting themes would help reduce space. Not the Glossy Brown theme! I love that theme so much, and is the first theme to work that has been downloaded 😆 .

I don’t get why most Windows users (my mom) won’t change to Ubuntu. Well, I do know some reasons:

  • Screenshot-1

    Yahoo Messenger: UNSUPPORTED – My mom is a user of Yahoo! Messenger, and when I told her that Ubuntu has an alternative, Pidgin, she didn’t want to use it because there wasn’t any BUZZ!! or Webcam or Photo Sharing. I do like Pidgin, and have the same reasons for the things I don’t like.

  • Games at Big Fish or GameHouse – Holy macaroni, this is what I do not like also. My mom likes the game Bookworm, and installed it on Windows. I like some games like Collapse (2005 fun… ahh, good times…) or Cake Mania (full version free trial at GameHouse; I have to suffer from ads!!). I, on the other hand, live with one downloaded game: Sonic Robo Blast 2.
  • Terminal Commands – For every download, I have to “sudo” it to make sure it’s installed. If I can’t, I won’t be able to use it, and say hello to Delete button.
  • Screensaver + YT Fulscreen Frame Lag? – Everytime theres a screensaver, the frames of the video seem to appear like slideshows. In short, they frame lag.

That’s all I have to name for the cons. Now for the pros (which probably have a LOT due to my noobish experience at Ubuntu)

  • Fun games – true they might not be in Gamehouse, but Find Four (Four-In-A-Row) is my all-time favorite. Reminds me of Club Penguin (more good times)
  • Force Quit – Back at Windows, I have to “terminate” the command by Task Manager. But on Ubuntu, I just have to click the Force Quit button I added to the panel, and click a window, then poof! Instant exit!
  • Firefox – At last, my favorite browser into an OS.
  • Add/Remove DOES add and remove – Unlike Windows, Add/Remove Applications does add and remove apps. Windows just removes it.
  • Lock screen – YES!! Now, when I watch Ellen, or go through my Tuesday Ellen-Pushing Daisies mode, I have a way to let my baby brother mess up the computer, without messing up my desktop!
  • Workspaces – I’m not a fan, but I love organizing my apps through workspaces, it lessens the clutter of buttons on the bottom panel.
  • Kolourpaint – I must say that this is better than MSPaint.

Yay! gparted installed! Boo, I can’t get it to work.

Oh great, Pfeona’s online…