Here’s a little how-to on installing this theme.

  • First, of course, you should download the theme.
  • After it downloads, extract the file on your desktop (or wherever you saved it).
  • Next, double click then, if not already, go to System>>Preferences>>Appearance. There should be a theme that says “Custom”. Save it as “Glossy Brown” and you’re done!

For more style and effects, download this image and set it as your top panel’s background image. To do your panels like mine, resize the top to 35 pixels, and bottom to 32 pixels.

Also, for the bottom panel, give it transparecy.

There’s another “mock-up” theme, and it installs the same. But I prefer this theme more ^_^

Enjoy your new theme!



Ubuntu, for the awesomeness

Softpedia, for the theme

Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas, for developing it