Yahoo is shutting down on November 17. They want to get rid of free messenger. If u delete this and don’t pass it on, ur name will be deleted. A lot of people had already been deleted. Right click on the group name of ur buddylist and click, Send Instant Message to all in group..This is Yahoo President Anna Rubencia, I’m sorry to announce that Yahoo has reached it’s maximum number of accounts of two million. If u would like to keep your account for free send this to everyone on your list. This way we can know which accounts are being used and which accounts we can delete. Send this within 8 days and ur account will remain free(send all) ..

Umm okay. What is with this stupid message I keep on receiving? My friend Jasmine said it was from MaryFe who said it was from..

Well, well, well. Pfeona. I don’t believe this. If they’re closing Yahoo! then I’m going to Hotmail whether Pfeona likes it or NOT. Or maybe I’ll go to Gmail which will annoy her more; see if SHE lieks it. Ok this stupid group message is just annoying. I’m sick of rumors about Yahoo closing. Ugh..