Thanks to the people of SRB2 WADBase, SRB2 is runnin’ mighty fine. It’s in a decent speed and I can play stuff now. I’m downloading WADs to it. I don’t remember how much space I downloaded Ubuntu in though. Now I can properlay play anything I want.. well on SRB2 that is; it’s the only game I have on my Ubuntu besides pre-installed games.

I’m currently downloading Mystic Realm. Who knew that Mod takes long to download? Oh well. I’m waiting for it to download so I can download the game save file to unlock the secrets menu.

I wonder what else to do and download; besides, Mystic Realm is still 44% finished.

I also downloded Kdenlive so I can make more SRB2 videos. All I need is a screen recorder. Oh great where do I find a screen recorder? I can’t download HyperCam; I don’t think it supports Ubuntu. I have to find something else…