She now has Ubuntu. Nite made wallpapers and took screenshots. She even downloaded Sonic lineart tutorials, but she couldn’t do it. So one day, she was tinkering with her photo editor, namely, adding new brushes. It involved the Terminal, and she messed up and now her editor broke. Hoping it would work by reinstalling it, the program failed.

She was worried now. She made a desicion to re-install Ubuntu. And so she did.

She thought about the songs, pictures and her wonderful, wonderful Blaze The Cat wallpaper that she would never give for anything else; it was her best work yet.

What could she possibly do in FIVE HOURS of download?


Five hours of watching her sister play with the game on her phone, Nite finally found that the installation is over and it’s time to restart.

Now she has Ubuntu, but her files are gone. She downloaded them again; the wallpaper, the music.. And her editor is fixed.

But what could she be doing the whole five hours?

  • Watching her sister play on her cellphone
  • Watch TV
  • Play Mr. Bean online, suggested by Nite’s sister
  • Keep quiet while doing ALL of these things.