Once there was a cat named Nite. She has a computer with the operating system Windows. One day, she liked the new Windows Vista and ended up downloading these Vista themes, but still, it never worked the way she wanted. She came up with this program that modifies a file so you can download themes. It was called a Theme Patcher and it worked; only, she arrived with the theme she didn’t want.

Weeks later after getting sick of the theme, she decides to make things back to normal. Only it went from bad to worse: Her desktop was un-skin-able! Now about a month later, she asked for help on a forum, and finally, she had a theme called “Human”. She didn’t like it that much due to the Taskbar being the only thing un-skin-able.

More weeks came and she went to the SRB2 Wadbase: a forum about Sonic Robo Blast 2. Here she found someone mention Wubi. So I– I mean she installed it and she was surprised at the interface.

She decides to install Ubuntu, but she found out that it took more than ten hours to finish. So she went and installed Xubuntu instead. She liked it, but she wanted Ubuntu more and most. So she booted into Windows and uninstalled Xubuntu, but installed Ubuntu. It was finally finished and she was so happy that she has the new Jaunty Jackalope.

The end lol..

Well, yeah, my fanchar’s a cat. And that’s a true story.