Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m bored again. I’m installing Ubuntu using Wubi. Sigh.. it takes NINE HOURS….. Which means I get to watch Ellen and Pushing Daisies THREE TIMES. And the good news is, THEY’RE GONNA BE REPLAYS. And since PD is cancelled, I don’t know what 2nd Avenue’s gonna do:

1. Loop the series ( πŸ˜€ PLZPLZPLZ )

2. Make me watch Comfort Food, hmmm I dunno, FIVE TIMES.

Grr 2nd Avenue was this close to the end of season 2. And I want a loop from Season 1. Nine hours and forty two minutes.

Ahhhhhhhhh… 😑

Man, I need the frustrated YM emoticon right now.

Also, I think I need to rename this page from Blog to Log of Thoughts. ??? Thlog? πŸ˜† nahh… Just Log of Thoughts. No other ideas.. I mean, this blog is so random, and it’s about my thoughts (not yours πŸ˜› ), and it’s supposed to be called Log of Thoughts…. My Log of Thoughts, Log of Nite’s Thoughts…. Nope. Just Log of Thoughts. Come to think of it, I’m getting sick of Log of Thoughts. Yet the name stays.