Sawee guize, but i’ve moov’d to a new blog. Post shall be updated with newness of updates.


Great Windows XP That I’m Using

It’s a super cool theme, but you might wanna make the Active Title Bar smaller.

Busy With Life

I haven’t been blogging recently. It’s just that I’m too busy with the most common problem: School. There’s lots of work to be done and a few more days we can have a break! So, yeah, few more days and I can rest my poor, poor back. It hurts :<

Moved To Windows Live

I made a new email on Windows Live. I made it because I wanna try new things.. And besides, my friend Hinote is there so I joined in..

New Theme Applied

Heyya guys! As you may have noticed, I’ve put on a new theme called Dark Wood. I’m customizing the background. I’ll just put a little Takashika thing on the bottom right, writing in her diary.. or maybe on her laptop composing a blog post. Or writing in her online diary *shot*. Anyhoo it has to do with writing. See ya!

The Project’s Page Has Returned!

With no change whatsoever! Isn’t that exciting? Although I do plan to do a few changes, adding sections like Dashboard, Pictures.. If you want to find the stories, just view the Project: Takashika category.

Neon the Hedgehog

Name: Neonica the Hedgehog


eyes: brown

fur: green

hair: orange with dark orange highlights

ears: small

skin (muzzle, arms, ears): light peach

Abilities: good at digging and hiding

fast reflexes

can climb walls